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Bangaloreans’ take on hangovers

It’s that time of the year when people don’t have to try hard to find one of those roaring parties in the city.

A hangover is normally characterized by a head ache, body ache, weakness, or feeling nauseousA hangover is normally characterized by a head ache, body ache, weakness, or feeling nauseous

However, considering the kind of deadlines that people in the city have silently witnessed to, the bit of party that one gets to do in the city, is actually ‘one helluva’ of thing. With the kind of blowouts and the roaring parties that the city has been buzzing with, especially in the last few days, one complain that most Bangaloreans wake up to, is Hangovers. The disagreeable aftereffects from the use of liquors have, indeed, been a huge factor that, today, a lot of the party animals think of before they get down to business – drinking. A hangover is normally characterized by a head ache, body ache, weakness, or feeling nauseous or even feverish sometimes. Over the years, people have tried to find the right remedy for the same, but a lot have gone in vain. And the bit, the successful ones; they are simply not 100 per cent effective.

We, at mybangalore, decided to have a reality check with people around, and see some of the effective measures that Bangaloreans have been taking up for hangovers. “Water,” said Nilkamal Rathod, a techie, from the city, “is the most important thing that helps to get you out off hangovers. I drink a lot of water the next morning when I get up.” But that’s for a mild hangover; a lot don’t seem to be happy with that. Elvin Herry, a student, explains, “Water is good, but not always. It doesn’t work that great when you have a serious hangover, you know. But for mild ones, yes, it does work out well.” So, what does one do for one of those acute hangovers? Elvin gives the answer: hangover tablets. “There are a lot of tablets available in the market today, which helps to detox one’s body. I take one of these tablets,” said Elvin.  

Healthy food and a sugar-balance breakfast can be a useful remedy for hangoversHealthy food and a sugar-balance breakfast can be a useful remedy for hangovers

But there were a few others who seem to be more convinced with the traditional methods.

Uttam Paul, a student of psychology in one of the city colleges, said, “I like to drink a lot of water the next day I get up. Fresh lime soda also, I think, works out well to get rid of hangovers.” He adds: “If none of these works, I take a shower for a long time, and I make sure that I don’t come out of the shower till I am relieved.” The problem with one’s over-boozing is – alcohol, of all types – degenerates muscles, which is why nausea and body weakness is common after too much of alcohol consumption. Doctors suggest healthy food and a sugar-balance breakfast, the next morning, for any kind of hangovers. Pritam K, a doctor of medicines in one of the city hospitals, said, “First, drinking is never healthy, so, one should avoid it. But if at all one consumes, it’s always healthy to take it with a lot of food. Never consume alcohol in an empty stomach.”  Pritam adds: “A lot of water and lime juice may help during hangovers.”

Alcohol being a diuretic leads to dehydration of the body. This dehydration is in turn responsible for the headaches,dizziness, general body weakness and tiredness, which is nothing but the symptoms for hangovers. But again, consumption of any liquor doesn’t lead to hangovers. It varies from person to person. “I think, Drinks with high quantities of congeners such as red wines cause a more severe hangovers than the ones with a lower concentration of congeners,” said Vikram Prabhu, a bartender. He adds: “Liquors like rum, brandy and whisky, which have higher concentrations of alcohol can also cause some serious hangover.” Congeners are toxic chemicals that are formed during fermentation; some liquors have more of them than others. These congeners are widely responsible for headaches.

Whilst, it is almost impossible to get a 100 per cent cure for hangovers, there, however, can be certain guidelines that people can consider while having those sips of your favorite whisky or rum. Things that won’t cure your hangover, but can surely prevent you from having one.

Keep your stomach filled: Eat before you drink. Starchy carbohydrates such as breads can slow the absorption of alcohol.

Remember the last tine you drank? It’s always advisable to stick to one kind of drink. And remember what gave you a hangover the last time you drank. Avoid that.

Don’t mix different kind of drinks: Stick to one. There is always the next time to try others.

No Sweets please: You can perhaps take some time off later for sweets. It can easily disguise the taste of the liquor and you will just end up consuming more of it, just to see you are too drunk to even do anything.

Eat a lot of food while you are drinking.  
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