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Mugen hosts an exclusive Thai Food Festival

Mugen, on 100 Feet Road , Indiranagar, will host an Authentic Thai food festival until the 17th of January of the New Year.

Traditional Pahd thai with a Spicy Lamb Chiang Mai curryTraditional Pahd thai with a Spicy Lamb Chiang Mai curry

Start your new year with a twist of oriental cuisine from Mugen, the fine dining restaurant which excels in Thai, Indonesian, and Chinese cuisines. The restaurant brings to you an array of scrumptious dishes from Thailand put together in a specially created Thai Food Festival. New dishes merged with old favorites compliment to create a perfect menu that is an explosion of authentic delicious tastes that blend perfectly with each other making the entire experience a delight.  
Each exotic and authentic dish on the Thai Food Festival Menu is cooked with the freshest ingredients and served in a truly breathtaking environment that promises a perfect culinary symphony of the Far East. Starting from the appetizing Eek Kai Sawt Sai Thawt (Crispy Fried Stuffed Chicken Winglets) to succulent Hed Pahd Nam Mon Hoy (Stir Fried Pakchoy With Straw Mushroom) to the delicious Khoa Pahd Kratiam (Wok Tossed Garlic Fried Rice) to the luscious Man Tom Khing (Sweet potato with ginger and lemon) this festival brings together the most favored and scrumptious dishes from Thai cuisine together in great combinations for the coming ten days only at Mugen. Set amidst an idyllic authentic setting experience Mugen's delectable dishes from the choicest districts of Thailand brought together on one table

You can choose to sit by the open show kitchen and enjoy a meal while interacting with the chefs or dine in the regular seating area dotted with ming inspired contemporary winged chairs and curved sofas or dine at the Chef’s Table for a more luxurious and traditional dining experience. The Chef’s table has stylish Benjerong crockery upon individual Khantok (traditional lacquered tables). Inspired by traditional floor seating the low seating arrangement enables the guests to be more comfortable and yet enjoy a meal in regal splendor.  

Snugly located on the 3rd floor of a large modern structure on 100 feet road, Indira nagar, Mugen (means fantasy in Japanese) is a contemporary Oriental themed restaurant. The orient a term used to describe a group of Asian countries, hold certain mysticism to it. It combines three key countries of the east - Thailand – the center of spirituality, China- a land of sensitivity and Indonesia – a perfect blend of various cultures. 

Three key ingredients that ensure your visit to Mugen is truly memorable is the delectable authentic fare, the impeccable service and the soothing deco with special blue lighting selectively dimmed to illuminate the spacious restaurant. The incandescent blue glow through the bamboo rafters infuse the interior with a warm glow that is both welcoming and sophisticated. Design wise Mugen is quite spectacular with a largely Asian atmosphere accentuated with Indonesian and Thai elements. The décor is a wonderful blend of Eastern and contemporary influences, an eclectic mix of modernity and tradition.    
Duration of the Thai Food Festival: Until the  17th January 2010
Timing: Mugen is open from 12:30 p.m to 3: 30 p.m for lunch and from 7:30 pm to 11: 30 pm for dinner. For a booking at the chef’s table and menu 24 hours advance notice is requested.
For Bookings Call: 080 41481414 / 09945300004‎ 


2011, 100 feet Road, Indiranagar
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VAIBHAV SHAH Mar 24th, 2011 12:59 PM

                                      I AM VERY HAPPY TO SEE THAT . AND UR MANAGEMENT TABLE SET UP . IT TOO GOOD . 

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