airtel 3G finally comes to Bangalore!

airtel finally launched its 3G services in Karnataka today. airtel has deployed a HSPA network for offering 3G services. As for tariffs, there will be both time-based plans which are billed per hour and flexi-shield plans for heavy users.

airtel launched its 3G services in Karnataka today Photograph: Googleairtel launched its 3G services in Karnataka today Photograph: Google

airtel 3G is now available in Bangalore.
airtel today announced the launch of its 3G service in India – bringing the airtel internet experience on 3G first to Karnataka – its largest circle by revenue market share.  airtel is targeting to launch in all 13 3G license circles by March 2011.  The company has paid Rs 12,300 crore for the licenses and will be deploying high speed HSPA networks provided by Ericsson, Nokia Siemens Network and Huawei.

Announcing this, Mr. Sanjay Kapoor, CEO - Bharti airtel Ltd (India & South Asia) said, “It is indeed the start of a new era when 3G services in India roll out on airtel's network. World over ‘Data traffic’ on the back of high speed internet and use of social networking has already exceeded the ‘Voice traffic’. India is ushering in the domain – though later than most of the world - but no doubt we will catch up at a much faster speed. 3G is much more than a technology migration - it is a transformational shift - and airtel's focus would be to bring to its customers an enriched user experience on the back of a world class delivery network. I welcome all 745 million mobile customers of the country to be a part of this journey with airtel!"

airtel's 3G services, delivered on high speed HSPA network, will usher in a new era of unique life style enabling products. Along with meeting the growing demand of high speed surfing and wireless entertainment, airtel will introduce a suite of products in areas such as mobile commerce and mobile health. The airtel internet on 3G will let users enjoy multimedia services, high speed mobile broadband and internet access with the ability to view videos on mobile phone, make video calls, watch live TV, access high speed internet and enjoy live streaming.

airtel has announced two categories of 3G Plans
Time-based plans for light users of data – where usage and billing will be by hour
Flexi-shield plans for heavy users of data – where usage and billing will be capped
To know more about airtel 3G services, customers can call the Toll Free Helpline 12134 or SMS ‘3G HELP’ to 121.

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Venkatesh Prathinidhi Jan 27th, 2011 11:12 AM

AirTel launched furiously launched 3G services on 26th Jan on Bangalore but its of useless and shear gimmick.
I activated the service very soon (morning) on 26th Jan 2011, and they failed to send the 3g settings to my phone(E71) and I some how managed to configure the settings by calling customer care service, then also NO INTERNET service available, and even I lost my previous GPRS service also. When we activate the 3G the existing GPRS data plan will automatically gets deactivated.
  To my surprise later I got the information from customer sare service that - internet services jammed due to heavy customer inflow to access 3G services, still to this time they ware unable to fix this issue.
I request all before switching 3G, please confirm that 3g services are restored or not, other wise you might loose the existing GPRS connectivity also!

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