ArtistAloud.com launches independent artists’ digital awards

ArtistAloud.com has launched digital awards to celebrate the heard and explored music of more than 120 artists and the fans have endorsed in the last one year.

ArtistAloud.com started out a year back
to ‘explore the unheard’; to build a platform for artists old and new to explore undiscovered sounds and connect them with their fans. A year later, ArtistAloud.com is now ready to celebrate the heard and explored music that more than 120 artists and innumerable fans have endorsed with the ArtistAloud.com Awards.

Synonymous with great independent music, ArtistAloud.com has provided a stage for artists both well-known and new comers as well as welcomed numerous genres and sounds with the only condition being that great content be made available to the listeners. And now with the ArtistAloud.com Awards, the platform allows the fans to truly voice their opinions and shower their favorite artist with the thunderous applause of their votes and ensure that they receive the recognition and the adulation that they deserve. And the unique part of this Awards is that the user can vote via the Internet, Voice Platform or send an sms to 54646 thus making this the first ever Independent Artists’ only Digital Awards.

These awards will celebrate the success of independent music, with popular genres of Pop, Rock, Fusion, Alternative Rock and Global (Spiritual, Global, Light Music, Hindi Rap, Sufi, Country, Alternative Raga, and Club). In the first phase of the awards which kicks off on 17th January there will be nominees for Best Song, Best Female, Best Male and Best Group from each of these genres. Each week one genre will be highlighted when voters can go and vote for their favorite Artist (Male or Female), Group and Song from that genre category.

Based on voters’ choice in the first phase, the Top 5 from each of Best Song, Best Female, Best Male, Best Group and Best Genre amongst the 5 genres will be further voted down by the users which will begin in the second phase of the awards starting from 17th Feb to 24th Feb 2011. The final winners of ‘ArtistAloud.com Awards’ will be announced on 25th February on the website, with few lucky winners getting a chance to present the awards personally to their favorite artist. There will be LIVE telecast of the awards handover ceremony on 1st March with the Grand Prize Winner of the Bangkok trip being announced on 2nd March.

Speaking on the occasion, Siddhartha Roy, Chief Operating Officer, Hungama Digital Media Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. says, “ArtistAloud.com is dedicated to promote independent music from various genres and is a celebration of independent music at its best. Our artists are our most invaluable assets and have contributed significantly towards the success of independent music on the site. To give them the recognition that they truly deserve on our first anniversary, we decided to celebrate by announcing the ArtistAloud.com awards.”
So log on to www.ArtistAloud.com/awards2010  to vote for your favorite artist.

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