Even children can use RTI now

Posted by Staffreporter  |  03. January 2011

Even children can use RTI now Photograph: APDEven children can use RTI now Photograph: APD

RTI has powerfully transformed the
face of Indian society, a fact which will anyone will admit. Now comes an even more positive development, namely, a no-age-bar to Right To Information (RTI), allowing even children to use this weapon to elicit information of their choice.

That’s the message projected by the Child Rights Trust (CRT). It’s their New Year gift to school children in the city. Child rights activists have started an initiative to spread the message among school children. “We got the idea to do this after noticing that a lot of children were disturbed about the civic developments in their residential localities or around their schools and they wanted to do something about it. They had a lot of enquiries, but did not know how to go about it,” said Nagasimha G Rao, associate director, Child Rights Trust (CRT).

So CRT began conducting workshops and started spreading the word about these workshops through Child Rights ambassadors in different schools in the city. “We are in the process of selecting about 20 children from each school who will attend these workshops and take the message back to the other kids at school,” said Rao.

The workshops will teach the children how to frame questions to get the desired information, how to lodge an application and which department to approach for a particular problem. Manoj Sinha, a class VII student, who attended the workshop, said, “We are facing a serious problem because a new flyover is being constructed in front of our school, so we wanted to know which government official to approach with our queries.” He said that now he is eagerly awaiting a response from the government official.

“It will be the first reply given to me by the government, and I feel so much like a responsible citizen now,” he added. This interaction between government officials and school children through the RTI route will bridge the gap between both. “Besides getting answers to their questions, this will also serve as a strong foundation for the school children to grow up into responsible citizens who participate in governance,” said Rao.

Source: Deccan Chronicle

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