Furnish electricity details to keep your LPG connection

The Food and Civil Supplies Department has asked LPG consumers to submit a copy of the Revenue Register (RR) number of the electricity meters along with LPG consumer number to LPG distributors by February 9.

To weed out bogus PDS ration cards
and illegal LPG connections. The food & civil supplies department has asked the consumers to compulsorily submit electricity RR number along with LPG consumer number to the agency by Feb. 9.  Last week, the department directed only APL ration card-holders in the state to furnish details to their LPG agency failing which they wouldn't get their next LPG refill. The objective? To detect the large number of fake ration cards.

The department now realizes there are illegal LPG connections too and figured this is a good chance to kill two birds with one stone. "This is also to crack down on bogus LPG connections. The racket exists in Karnataka too," B A Harish Gowda, secretary food & civil supplies department, told on Friday.

As per government estimates, there are 10 lakh households, but LPG connections has gone up to 20 lakh connections. "Every gas connection is highly subsidized. But there are so many bogus connections and people illegally use LPG cylinders as fuel for vehicles too," he added. The department has launched a toll free phone number 1800-425-9339 to help consumers get more details.

Source: TOI

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ANANTHANAIK.R Feb 15th, 2011 01:17 PM

Please give me the details for how to apply the RR No through internet 

Florence David Feb 08th, 2011 03:51 PM

Why is ther no acknowledgement when the required records are submitted to the service providing agency ? ?? Now the problem gets complicated as the authorities themselves do not know what to do with these records. We as citizens have spentalmost a half day in the que waiting to submit this records.

Kshounis Bera Feb 03rd, 2011 03:13 PM

I have called the helpline and asked about the RR submission in case of tenant(In case the bill does not contain your name) and they said they need just RR number of the electricity meter being used by a family. So they don't need your name in the bill. But you have to send the Gas bill copy where your name and address is written.

B.Gopinath Feb 02nd, 2011 03:46 PM

We could not upload the RR No. of Electricity bills. I request to the concerned officials to make upload provision early.

R MADHAV Feb 02nd, 2011 09:55 AM

please give me email id  for submitting electricity RR no.

ASHOK Jan 31st, 2011 02:26 PM

There are large number of persons who are having rented accomodation and electric connection almost in all cases is
either in the name of owener or previous owner or tenent .The
connection obtained on the proof of lease or rental agreement.
However such consumers furnishes the rr no of the flat which he is occuping on the basis of agreement .Wheather they can continue there gas connection in such case ?

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