Makar Sankranti is a festival of tradition, ritual and celebration

Makar Sankranti is one of the most auspicious days for the Hindus and is celebrated in almost all parts of India in myriad cultural forms, with great devotion. Makar Sankranti is celebrated on January 15 this year.

Makar Sankranti is a festival of tradition, ritual and celebrationMakar Sankranti - harvest festival Photograph: Google

It is time for Spring Harvest Festival
celebrations across the Subcontinent. Northern India celebrates Lohri today. Other regions of the Subcontinent celebrate Makar Sankranti - also variously called Maghi, Bihu or Pongal - Jan 14-15. The origins of the festival are many. Some people believe the festival began as a celebration of the eve of winter solstice. For several others, it is the festival of the rabi crop harvest.

Makar Sankranti is a major harvest festival celebrated in various parts of India. According to the lunar calendar, when the sun moves from the Tropic of Cancer to the Tropic of Capricorn or from Dakshinayana to Uttarayana, in the month of Poush in mid-January, it commemorates the beginning of the harvest season and cessation of the northeast monsoon in South India. The movement of the earth from one zodiac sign into another is called Sankranti and as the Sun moves into the Capricorn zodiac known as Makar in India, this occasion is named as Makar Sankranti in the Indian context.

Apart from being a harvest festival, Makar Sankranti is also regarded as the beginning of an auspicious phase. It is referred to as the auspicious transition, and marks the end of the inauspicious phase, which according to the Hindu calendar begins around mid-December. It is believed that auspicious and sacred ritual can be sanctified from this day onwards. Scientifically, this day marks the beginning of warmer and longer days compared to the nights. In other words, Sankranti marks the termination of winter season and beginning of a new harvest or spring season.

All over the country, Makar Sankranti is observed with great fanfare. However, it is celebrated with distinct names and rituals in different parts of the country. In the states of northern and western India, the festival is celebrated as Lohri with special zeal and fervor. The importance of this day has been signified in the ancient epics like Mahabharata also. So, apart from socio-geographical importance, this day also holds a historical and religious significance. Being the festival of Sun God, who is regarded as the symbol divinity and wisdom, the festival, also holds an eternal meaning to it.

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Places to eat this Sankranti
Bon south

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