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Maya Ayam - Exploring avatars of Lord Vishnu through dance

Maya-Ayam is a combination of classic Bharatanatyam, contemporary movement, traditional folk and digital imagery exploring the theories of Vishnu through dance.

Maya Ayam - Classical and Contemporary dance. Photograph: NritarutyaMaya Ayam - Classical and Contemporary dance. Photograph: Nritarutya

Chitraleka Dance Company (UK-based)
is collaborating with Nritarutya to tour their joint dance production Maya - Ayam in both countries. Chitraleka Bolar and Hari Krishnan's choreography blends the classical Indian dance style of Bharatanatyam with contemporary movements and Mayuri Upadhya and Sathya B G's choreography draws from folk and martial art idioms along with Indian contemporary movements, creating a stunning production of dance combined with evocative digital imagery, multimedia projection and spectacular lighting design.

Evolutionary theories, ten avatars of Vishnu, Ardhanarishwara and the forces of rhythm are explored through the vocabulary of dance. The compelling stories and perceptions from Hindu literature unfold in Maya Ayam as the choreography, music and visuals take you on a magical journey back in time to when the universe first began.  Four renowned UK and Indian dancers who feature in this dance production specialize in Bharatanatyam and contemporary styles. Praveen Rao and Raghu Dixit have produced the musical scores for the production to create a novel and exciting “sound ecosystem” to bring the dance (literally) to life!

Chitraleka Dance Company which was started in 1990 is led by Chitraleka Bolar. Chitraleka’s professional career as an artist, teacher and choreographer in the UK started in 1978 and has spanned over thirty years of performance work in theatres, schools and community venues. Her remarkable achievement over the last thirteen years has been the establishment of one of the first Youth Dance companies in Britain to be founded on a strong repertoire of classical Indian dance and dance-drama work.

Chitraleka Dance Company has been creating and touring performances since 1990. The Company’s recent touring productions are: ‘The Story of C’ in 2004 based on Primo Levi’s account of ‘Carbon’ from his book, ‘The Periodic Table’, which toured both UK and India. ‘Tears of Fire’ in 2006 was based on the novel, ‘Yagnaseni’ by Pratibha Ray. In 2009, ‘From Stardust to Life’ was created by Chitraleka’s continuing quest of bringing together the expression of science and mythological ideas and representing them through classical Bharatanatyam and contemporary dance styles.
What: Maya-Ayam  (Free Entry)
When: Saturday 8th January 2011 at 7.00pm
Where: KH Kalasoudha, Tel: 098 45 031413

Second Performance: Monday 10th January 2011 at 7.00pm
Where: Chowdiah Memorial Hall, Tel: 080 23445810
For more information about the companies, visit &

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srini nattur Jan 21st, 2011 01:45 AM

I saw this work in Bangalore, very dissapointed with the choreography. Costumes and concept was very poorly executed with two very bad female dancers. The theme was interesting as subjects but as choreography it totally was a failure. Nritarutya should have only taken the choreography work and should not have taken the burden of performing, the female dancers were not trained at all and was very evident. The two male dancers executed very feminine movements. All in all, efforts one of the bad productions by both the companies. I suggest Chitraleka company, you have name as a good Bharatanatyam company, keep that up rather than trying to be contemporay which with this production it i very evident you are not. Music by Praveen Rao and Raghupathy was a total flop show. 

kavyalakshmi Jan 15th, 2011 10:40 AM

Chitraleka is of course a business genius as far as "exploring the theories of Vishnu" goes. Let us see if she succeeds in selling the idea that Vishnu danced rock-n-roll to the naive Bangalore audience.

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