Now, MBBS course to be shorter by six months

If everything goes according to plan, the duration of the MBBS course will be shortened by six months in the country from the next academic year.

MBBS course to be shorter by six months Photograph:MyBangalore stockMBBS course to be shorter by six months Photograph:MyBangalore stock

According to senior officials of the
Medical Council of India, an eight- member Undergraduate Education Working Group has recommended that the council reduce the course duration by six months. This will reduce the duration of the course from five and a half years to five years. The committee was formed to address the shortcomings of medical education as well as to suggest ways to increase the number of medical professionals in the country in keeping with the growing population.

According to officials, the working group has advised the MCI to restructure the whole course by introducing the 4+1 format and divide the curriculum into core and non-core with the non-core part of the curriculum made elective or applied. “Duration was one of the issues with students. Bringing down the course duration will help colleges to attract a higher number of intelligent students,” said an MCI officer.

The working group has also come out with a number of new suggestions to make the course more inclusive. Following complaints that MBBS graduates are not willing to go to rural areas, the working group also recommended a change in admission guidelines. Members have favored introducing special reservation for students from rural and remote backgrounds, assuming that this will produce students who are motivated to work in areas of need.

The working group also suggested that the MCI bring about changes in the present clinical training module and introduce the ‘student doctor’ method. According to the report, in the ‘student doctor’ method, students are posted to respective departments as a clerk or sub-intern and take partial responsibility for patients as a team member. During sub-internship, students have specific objectives for learning in relation to history, examination, procedural skills, and management of ambulatory and emergency.

Source: Deccan Chronicle
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