SEED Academy: Bangalore's first design school for sustainable innovations

The SEED Academy that was recently launched in the city is India’s first Design school focused on Sustainability. It aims to develop a new generation of entrepreneurial designers that embrace environmental constraints to create sustainable solutions

SEED Academy: design school on sustainability Photo: GoogleSEED Academy: design school on sustainability Photo: Google

Industrial and product design is
not new but its relevance today has made it a key imperative for business. That iPod you are most likely carrying, or the iPad you are eying to possess soon have carried Apple to the pinnacle of the technology world as the most valued technology firm. Going beyond the traditional disciplines of product design, visual communication design, fashion design etc ‘Design thinking’ is a human centered approach to innovation and is fast emerging as a new paradigm to drive not just product and business innovation but also create better communities and a better world.

This is the vision that has driven a group of young Bangaloreans to establish The SEED Academy, the city’s first design school with the mission of ‘Sustainability through Design’. SEED’s global faculty and advisory board bring a wealth of knowledge on cutting edge approaches to the issues of sustainability, ecology, enterprise and design.

e-charaka e-charaka showcased at the INDEX Awards

The school’s curriculum has been crafted after a careful review of the best practices from the world’s leading design schools and the needs of the world’s most demanding industries. Speaking at the launch of the school, Madhav Mahesh, Founder, SEED Academy, said, "A SEED student will be able to not simply create stunning new design ideas but will have the ability to orchestrate change in the social and economic spheres,"

Speaking at a panel organized by The SEED Academy on the sidelines of the INDEX exhibition at Bangalore, Dr Pradyumna Vyas, Director of the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, said, "With a young demographic, India will emerge soon as a global hub for design with young designers being in demand in both India and abroad. Nobody can deny the crying need for more designers in India. Measured by the graduate stock or the per capita number of designers, India trails all its peers in the G-20 group of nations. For India, the greatest challenge today is to maintain its impressive GDP growth and not destroy its natural assets in the process,"

He added, "Living off nature’s interest, not its capital is the new definition for sustainability. Will India rise to this challenge? Only time will tell, with hope resting on the young shoulders of budding designers from The SEED Academy and other such schools,”

Innovative Designs to improve life:
e-Charaka - The “e-Charaka”, the icon of freedom struggle, not only produces yarn but also electricity, which can be stored in a battery and 2 hrs of operation can power an LED lamp or radio for 8hrs. It has zero carbon footprints. This is created by a Bangalore based designer, HS Hiremath, one of the finalists in the 2010 INDEX: Awards. This product has found about 5000 users across the country, esp. in rural belts.
Life Straw - Innovation of a “Life straw”; is basically a portable water purifier in a form of a straw that removes water-borne parasites and gives you purified water.  It has been great savior during disaster relief in Myanmar, Haiti and Pakistan, designed by a Danish innovator.
To know more head to Mantri Mall, Malleswaram, the exhibition will be on between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m. until January 27.

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