Your guide to airtel 3G service

Bharti airtel finally launched the 3G Services in Karnataka on January 24, 2011 starting off with Bangalore. Here’s a guide to airtel 3G Tariff & plans.

airtel launched its 3G services in Karnataka recentlyairtel launched its 3G services in Karnataka recently

Bharti airtel recently launched
its 3G service in India - bringing the airtel internet experience on 3G first to Karnataka - its largest circle by revenue market share.  airtel 3G customers will be empowered to manage their 3G data usage alert and prevent ‘bill shock’ with proactive, personalized and timely data usage alerts. Here’s a guide to airtel 3G service.

How to migrate from airtel 2G to 3G?
To activate 3G on the existing mobile of Airtel customers Airtel makes its more easier to migrate from 2G to 3G. You just need to send a SMS saying 3G to 121 and the confirmation SMS will arrive to you and all the 2G data plan would be deactivated then.

What does airtel 3G offer?

Now you can get online anywhere in the blink of an eye. No more buffering, no more waiting for pages to load. And discover the new possibilities with 3G.
Connect – While your wall posts are good, your pictures are better. So upload pictures from your phone and connect with your friends. Send and receive emails with attachments. And spice up your life with video calling!
Enjoy – Carry your entertainment in your pocket with movie and song downloads, video streaming of cricket matches, news and lots more. You don’t have to be in front of the idiot box to catch your favourite channels anymore. Just make sure you have Mobile TV.
Perform – Attaching presentations was never this easy. From quick email access to downloading heavy attachments, airtel 3G helps you work better. And faster. Do stock transactions, navigation, video conferencing and lots more on your phone. For your laptop get the 7.2Mbps airtel Plug and Play USB modem and kiss slow speeds goodbye.
Click here to check if your handset is 3G enabled

What are tariffs for airtel 3G?
Rs.9 - 10 MB 1 day (Post expiry of free data usage, browsing charges as per 2G charges)(30p/20kb) will apply
Rs.60 - 65 MB 3 days
Rs.45 - 30 min 1 day Rs 3/min

Rs.103 - 100 MB - 3 days
Rs.200- 250 MB- 30 days
Rs.450 - 600 MB- 30 days
Rs.750 - 2 GB- 30 days
For more plans, log on to

What are the other benefits of airtel 3G?
Mobile TV
Enjoy TV on the go. Choose from around 100 channels across genres like sports, entertainment, regional, news, fashion, etc.  Watch your favorite programs on your favorite channel including AajTak, ESPN, ETV, Headlines Today, Zoom, Star Network, Raj TV, National Geographic, Zee TV, Discovery, Cartoon Network, etc.
Click here to view the complete list of channels.
To access
  1. SMS TV to 54321
  2. Click on the link received to go to 3G zone
  3. Click on the link to download the 3G mobile TV application on to     your phone and start watching TV

Video talkies

Enjoy the magic of movies on your phone. Watch the best parts in the movie again and again or just choose a quick run through of movies you plan to watch.Each movie capsule will have the best scenes, songs, etc. stitched together with a background narration of the story of the movie. You can watch movies of various languages like Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Marathi
To access
  1. SMS 3G to 54321
  2. Click on the link received to go to 3G zone
  3. Click on video talkies to start using the product

Music store

Download music on to your mobile and enjoy your favorite music on the go. Choose from over 1 lakh songs in 10 languages. You can choose from music in English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil and other languages.
To access
  1. SMS 3G to 54321
  2. Click on the link received to go to 3G zone
  3. Click on songs to go to Music Store

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