ACME 2010, St Aloysius, Mangalore: Fest Highlights

February, the most anticipated time of the year for all of Bangalore’s college fest teams. No, this has nothing to do with valentine’s day and a lot to do with the St. Aloysius fest, Mangalore which takes over the calendar.

It’s was the time for all fest teams to gear up, pack their bags and advent upon a journey from the bad roads of Bangalore, to the ghats in between and finally to the beaches of Mangalore, the trip being extremely picturesque. 

The fest, ACME 2010, saw a lot of participation from many outstation colleges such as SBMJC-SGS, St. Joseph’s, Kristu Jayanti to name a few. Of course the regulars among the in station colleges were present as well. 
Once there, the extremely competent Aloysians were up and awake at the crack of dawn to receive the teams at the bus stops and stations and drop them to their hotel. Every team’s utmost luxuries were taken care of and it was ensured that the organizers were always around to help. 

This years theme for Acme was “The Business of Fashion” and the Aloysians stuck to theme in the best way. With petite saree blouses to big bows and deep cuts, they were dressed to impress. 

The events saw a few standard ones such as marketing and human resource and a few unconventional ones like The Showdown and Crisis Management which involved the whole team.

Crisis as an event was very creative and required the best of innovation and management skill. The rounds included a documentary to be shot, a board room conference but the final round is what took the cake hands down.

The final round required the entire team to organize a fashion show with an audience of organizers and judges. Little did the teams expect the crisis to befall upon them during the organizing.While the designer handled model tantrums from drunkenness to sicknesses, egos and  snobbery, the rest of the team to take care of the VIPs from buying drinks to the arrangements of chairs, transport, taking care of one particular VIPs pet guinea pig and everything in between.

The show even saw a stunt from the Ram Sena activists( played by organizers) who opposed the show and had to be handled deftly. All in all the event was extremely innovative and pushed the participants to a whole different league. 

The second day of Acme started with an engine roar. The first of the cars that rolled up the driveway to pick up the teams from the hotel were an open Bolero and then came modified Hondas, Altos and Skodas. Every Aloysian has a thing for a swanky set of wheels and their driving certainly brought justice to the cars. 
The second day of the fest marked all the final rounds of each event and came to a close with the best manager event. The winners of the Fest were St. Joseph’s College, Bangalore and the runners up were SBMJC.

The fest certainly stood out among many others that took place this year but the experience here was unmatched and an extended vacation by some teams after the fest was pretty much the cherry on top.
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