Kumaraswamy Layout: Foodie Habitat in Bangalore

Bangalore loves its food and every area seems to have something of a food zone to cater to foodies in and around there, we give you the “inside” on Kumarawamy Layout.

Kumaraswamy Layout, located at the Southern corner of Bangalore, is an area that lies between J.P. Nagar and Padmanabhanagar. Over the years, the place really has had a major makeover. Leafing thorough the book that talks about the history of the place, one is enlightened that the place was actually named after a temple that was dedicated to Lord Kumaraswamy in the area, but, today, history may not have change, but the change is pretty historical. With the plethora of hotels and eateries, both small and the big ones, which have come up in the recent years, the place can be rightly termed as one of the ‘foodie habitats’in the city.  

The place is mostly comprised of the student population who have rented houses in all across the area, and that is one of the predominant reasons for the place to have such a vast student’s population. “Sometimes it amuses me to even think as to what this place used to be, say till five years back. And look at it now. There is practically nothing that you cannot find here,” said Ashwat K, a resident of the place. He adds: “I am more amused looking at the number of eateries that have come out in the place in the last few years. They have outnumbered, and today you can actually be sure that you will see something nice in every nook and corner in the area.” “This wasn’t the case earlier, not even till three years back.”  

Radhika Nanjappa, a school teacher who has stayed in the place for close to one decade now feels that the colleges located in the near by places have contributed towards the rising numbers of  these eateries. She explains, “Most of these students who stay here study in the near by colleges, and food being one of the basic things that any person would look for, there was an urgent need for more eateries to come up, which is what has happened in this place. There is a need for these eateries, and the food that is available here mainly cater to these students.”   

From Bangalore’s most popular chain of restaurants to what could be the city's own cuisine -- from excellent dosas, to kharabhath and set meals for lunch, these eateries serve all of it. “I was staying in a different locality earlier, but food was a major cause of concern, which is why I shifted here. This place has got everything, and I don’t have to worry about eating,” said Soumadutta Lahry, a student pursuing his MBA in one of the city colleges. Deepjyoti Pal, another student pursuing his BE in Dayanand Sagar College feels it is an added advantage for students like him who is staying in a hostel. “I live in a hostel here, and the kind of food you get here is something I don’t want to explain,” laughs Deepjyoti. He added, “I go to the near by eateries here, which gives me a good change. I think that’s one of the reasons why there are so many of the students who come here to stay.”   

The good thing, in a way, is that these places just don’t end with south Indian cuisines, but they also offer a vast array of North Indian vegetarian dishes and a bit of Chinese as well. “We sell everything – right from Gobi Manchurian to dosa; chats to Chinese items – we have it all. I get a lot of students who come here to eat. Evening, seven to nine is the peak time for me,” said Manjunath K, a proprietor of one of the eateries’. He added, “Most of the people who come here are the student lot, which is why it’s important to look for affordability too.”  

If you are willing to eat and run, then you can't get a quicker meal than here. But if you want a sit-down meal, you may have to wait, especially on weekends. But people don’t seem to complain. “I do to Shanti Sagar for my lunch; I think the place is good enough for a quick lunch. And more than anything, it’s cheap. I shouldn’t ask for more,” said Yogesh, who has been staying in the place for three years, and refuses to relocate. “I won’t shift from here, at least not till as time I get a job. The food I get here are cheap, nice, and I get the ones I like. There are a lot of eateries which make north Indian food, something you cannot find in other places easily,” concludes Yogesh. 
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