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Second Edition Bangalore Fashion Week: The Round Up!

Popular designers, Bollywood stars, beautiful women, and a fashion crazy Bangalore crowd was all for the asking in the four day Bangalore Fashion Week that drew to a close over the weekend.

Shantanu& NikhilShantanu& Nikhil

From flamboyant outfits to thematic garb, natural fabrics to fabrics made of paper, soft pastels shaded to vibrant extravagant colours, top models to Bollywood celebrities, was in live spectacle for the four days at the second Edition of the Bangalore Fashion Week. India's renowned fashion designer duo’s Shantanu and Nikhil, and Neeru and Harish unveiled their latest collections on the final day of the Bangalore Fashion Week on Sunday. 

Shantanu and Nikhil's latest collection was inspired by Ladakh and had actor Rahul Bose walking the ramp along with co-star Militza Radmilovic on his latest movie ‘Fired’. Catching up with the duo post the show, Nikhil said, “The entire collection was inspired by the landscapes of Ladakh. The thing about Ladakh is that the place explores you, more than you exploring the place. We went there solely with the intention of inspiring a collection. The nature is very still over there, the rocks near the lake are not exactly green and when you are still, you see emotions, which are pure and this is what we have tried to depict in our collections. There is no sadness; in fact the journey is of exploration by using the textures of the earth. The fabrics that we have used are specially developed from paper to jersey, to net, to silk. We have used pretty much everything in this collection."

Preeti Chandra's whimsical fun linePreeti Chandra's whimsical fun line

Adding to Nikhil’s comments, Shantanu said, “The reason why we chose to be a part of the Bangalore Fashion Week is to encourage younger talent. And, we are in talks to launch a collection of ready to wear clothing line in the city”. He added that as a brand, the duo has completely de-toxed themselves from outside media. “We keep clear from fashion magazines, and we don’t go about giving a style mantra as such. We prefer to set trends, rather than follow them” added Shantanu.  

While Shantanu and Nikhil presented their costumes, designer duo Neeru and Harish unveiled bridal wear, with models walking the ramp wearing ethnic lehengas and silk saris. Model, and singer, Yana Gupta walked the ramp for the designer duo. "To be honest, the outfit that I am wearing is very heavy, but every wedding outfit has a lot of things on it. It is very beautiful and you have to judge for yourself. I feel amazing wearing these clothes," said Yana Gupta. 
Milan based designer Claudia Antonio also showcased their collection, which included subtle and classic flowing gowns to mini-skirts and half-gowns inspired from the 1950’s Hollywood Fashion circuit.  

Abdul Haldar's Bridal line and his sharp Men's WearAbdul Haldar's Bridal line and his sharp Men's Wear

Though the organisers claim for the show to have been much better organised as compared to the last edition, it didn’t stop from the final show down turning into a circus. The finale was a packed house, and had unruly bouncers and organisers giving incorrect directions to the guests of the show. The show ended on a note of anticipation to the next edition of the Bangalore Fashion Week in July 2010. 

The other designers who really stood out during the fashion Week were Preeti Chandra for her whimsical, fairy tale collection with lots of glitter, elaborate head gear, pastel colours and a whole lot of fun. 

Jackie Shetty in a Swapnil Shinde gownJackie Shetty in a Swapnil Shinde gown
And then there was Abdul Haldar with his powerful Western Bridal Collection as well as his extremely Linear Men's line. The bridal wear was all about Brides who were not shy, and who's personalities shone through from the gowns they wore, with lots of embellishment as well as elaborate skirts which were done by in layers, feathers and plenty of fabric. The look for his models was big, wild hair and very strong dark eyes.

On the first day, Swapnil Shinde from Fashion Fame was there, with Mugda Godse as his show-stopper. The show was all about and edgy British Goth street fashion where his models represented "dark princesses". The 

signature was in the Checked satin, and a very wearable and affordable line with statement backs on most of his dresses and gowns.

Rehane from Chennai also presented a great collection, for "the good girl who sometimes does bad things", with her fun and flirty line. The colours were soft, the lengths were short , yet fun worn with flat sandals. What made her dresses stand out was the surface embellishment that went into her clothes. 

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