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Walking in style, but for a cause

Fashion with a cause; this is what’s suppose to be the underlying theme beneath the fashion fiesta – Western India Princess – which is presently in its preliminary round.

Organized under the guidance of Sunil Rane of Atharva Group of Institute (A.G.I.), the beauty pageant brings a lot of people from the fashion fraternity under the same roof. With names with the likes of Pooja Chopra, Rachna Shah and Juhi Babbar, the fashion extravaganza has already started getting a huge response – both from contestants and the judges.  

Sunil Rane, from A.G.I. in has initiated the program with a noble cause – Right to Education – for the underprivileged children in remote and rural areas. “It’s, I think, the first time ever that there is something like this happening in terms of fashion. There is a cause behind the pageant, and we are not doing it just because we want to see somebody who is beautiful,” said Rane. He adds: “We have a lot of talented people on board, and they, for sure, will get the right person from the lot.” But what does the winner get? “Apart from all the prizes, like sponsorships, endorsements, and prizes, she will also have to be in some kind of agreement with us when she will have to go to few villages to educate the young children there.” 

According to the organizers visions, the beneficiaries of the event will be economically-backward children, who will be from remote & rural areas of Maharashtra State in the Konkan, Satara, Amravati, and Akola districts for synchronized education and bring them into the limelight in the area of their competency for their bright career. On this, Pooja Chopra, Miss India World 2009, who will be judging the finals, said, “I haven’t gone for the preliminary, but from whatever I have heard so far, I am sure judging the finals is going to be a nice experience.” Asked on what she would look for in the participating contestants, she replied, “Originality. I don’t want the contestants to come up on the ramp and act of what they are not.” 

On the other side of the spectrum, it was the Rang-Rasiya girl, Rachna Shah, who spoke about her participation. She said, “Judging the preliminary has changed my perspective towards fashion, as well as the girls taking up modeling as a career. The finals are yet to happen, but the vibes that I have got already is really positive. The contestants that have turned up for the auditions are really confident, and it has been a nice feeling to have interacted with them.” Speaking more about the show, she added, “The best of all is to know the theme behind the whole fashion show; for, it’s just not about fashion alone, but transcends much beyond that. It is done with a cause, something you don’t get to see often. I am glad that the Advathi Group of Institutions is doing something of that kind.” 

Rane from A.G.I., who is much thrilled with the contestant’s participation this year, plans to bring the show down south soon. He said, “It is a huge contest, when several hundred participants will be short listed to take part in the finals in March”. “It’s really not possibly to do it everywhere, right at the first go, but we are planning to expand. South is definitely a place we would like to touch; let’s see how it goes about.”  
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