Where Bangalore's college crowd likes to chill

Are you with the program? If not, we let you in on where the Bangalore College crowd likes to hang out so you can feel in with the "it" set.

Bangalore College students heading to their favourite hauntBangalore College students heading to their favourite haunt

If you’re in college, these are places you should be going to at least once in your college career to beat classroom boredom, and to unwind after a gruelling day of lectures and just be in with the “it” set.

Few years spendt in college are among the best in one’s life. Not just in the campus grounds, but it gets better outside college. Statistics say that an average student spends more than 40% of their education in after college activities to unwind and relax after (sometimes before, in between or even during) lectures. The special hangout or ‘adda’ is second home to most, often with students being more attached to the addas than the college itself.
Bangalore city has the second highest population of students in India and because of which there is a natural affinity to make cool, convenient laid-back joints “addas” which normally serve copious quantities of “chai”, coffee, cold drinks, and assorted snacks like samosas, sandwiches and processed food. Café Coffee Day and shopping malls have  have never really managed to capture the label of an ‘adda’ even though students do spend a sizeable part of their time there, which normally includes “dates”, “meetings”, shopping and movies.

MyBangalore gives you the scoop on the unconventional lineup of the hang outs that are actually cool with a little old school thrown in for good measure. 

Every college student has been to Mocha, Java City and Beanstalk, but these are regular places that youngsters go to anytime and not specifically be “in love” with. It is places around college campuses that students go to grab a quick bite or discuss today’s break up and even gossip about that girl in class they hate. That’s what makes these places home away from home. 

Page3 - though the name sounds like a place for the city’s glitterati, it is in fact quite a low key place where students of St. Joseph’s College  enjoy kicking back and spending every precious minute there not attached to college, work, commitments. It is a roof top joint and serves food and drinks at affordable prices which is just what a student needs after a long day at college. The celebrities here are the college bands, college, jocks and  the hot chicks. St. Josephs College band draws quite a crowd by kicking up old school classics and everyone irrespective of which college they are from, sing along and have a good time. 

Then again there is the tiny, cozy, infamous rock café called Unwind near Christ College. The café puts up performances by various local bands and even offer classes, the ambience is otherwise peaceful and soothing being away from any main road and its traffic. The best part is that a tall glass of the world’s best mint lemonade and it costs a quick and easy Rs.10 as do all their fresh juices. It attracts students in hordes, naturally! 

The Jain Group of Institutions, having different campuses are not located in areas with coffee shops around so it often is the one odd hang out that everyone is loyal to. Mud Pipe, a new hangout near the Jain JC road campus, is a place for the sports enthusiast. With their pool tables being full all the time, it’s their hookahs that are the biggest attraction. Everyone from PU students to seniors go to grab some food or play a match of snooker and the place has been an instant success. 

The Aqua Lounge and the bar at Atria hotel, next to Jain CMS and ‘auntie’s’ shop near Jain VV Puram are just as popular, but poles apart. One is a beer joint with cozy armchairs and an aquarium while the other is famous for its magi noodles and the staircase that forms part of the seating. Auntie’s shop however, has seen more loyal customers. Till date students that have passed out or are at other colleges go there once in a while, the sole reason being the really chirpy and caring aunty who owns the shop. She brings about a feeling of homeliness and comfort to the shop that cannot be surpassed by any other and students often go there just to meet her. 

Munni’s, has been around for a while now and people have actually begun to think that he is immortal.  Bangalore’s favoruite chai wallah “Munniswamy, who is the one stop shop every one makes to out late after a party or a late night drive.  HI tea stallit provides solace to youngsters late at night when every other shop is closed. It’s stunning to see the number of people that go there jus for a cup of tea from midnight to the wee hours of the morning. These are the places that will be old school joints ten years down the line only because these are the places to be at, today and everyday!

Watch this space, as we will bring you regular updates so stay with the program!
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