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Beautify your patio with your own Zen Garden

Do you find yourself wondering what you could add to your garden or your terrace to enhance it further? How about creating your own Zen Garden? Here’s how you can beautify your patio.

Create your own Zen Garden Photo:HybiscusCreate your own Zen Garden Photo:Hybiscus

In a perfect world, growing an attractive
vegetable or flower garden to accentuate your patio area would be as easy as planting seeds and watching them grow. Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a green thumb. Creating an outdoor Zen garden provides peace and tranquility as well for those who don’t have the time, skill or patience to grow and sustain a more traditional garden.

“When you think of a Zen garden, you generally think of a little rectangular box with some white sand, stones and a few rakes--but you can create the same thing on a larger scale outdoors if you have the space,” says Sara Shragal of DirectBuy, a company that provides gardening solutions. To make your own outdoor Zen garden, mark off the space where you would like to build it. If you’re not sure how large to build your Zen garden, a typical desktop Zen garden is 12 inches wide by seven inches long. So, if you do a little multiplying, you can keep those same proportions but on a larger scale (e.g. 12 feet wide by 7 feet long).  

Once you’ve blocked off your space, you need to create the frame for the garden. You can use any kind of wood you prefer. Nail, screw or glue the pieces of wood together, and then decorate it with paint or varnish, whichever you prefer. And once you have fenced all the four sides with wood fill it with sand or gravel.

While you can find sand and gravel at most garden shops, you may want to check out the landscaping supply company for larger gardens. Fill your Zen garden with a minimum of two inches of sand or gravel. This will help minimize bare patches once you start raking patterns. “In filling up your Zen garden, you want to create a visually stimulating theme. Beside rocks, you can use garden accessories, water bodies, wooden statues and other items that are interesting from a colour, shape or texture perspective,” explains Sara. “Just remember not to clutter up your Zen garden with too many items. Keep it peaceful and simple.”

Adds Sara, “In terms of raking, rake the sand or gravel in long, curving strokes to represent water ripples. You can use as many or as few patterns as you like to accentuate your garden. And unlike a real garden, you can change it up any time you want!” Another idea you may want to consider is adding light to your Zen garden.     Selectively placed lighting and colored bulbs can add another dimension to your Zen garden, especially at night. So if your patio needs a makeover, go ahead and create your own Zen Garden!

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