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Celebrate the Chinese New Year with authentic Chinese delicacies at Oko

Savour the flavours of Szechwan, Hunan and Cantonese cuisines all harmoniously balanced by specialty chef Liang Kain Wah at Oko, The Lalit Ashok.

Kai Ha Sui Mai - Minced chicken Prawn Steamed WontonsKai Ha Sui Mai - Minced chicken Prawn Steamed Wontons

For those of you who can never get
enough of Chinese food, here’s another reason to celebrate. Head to the Chinese Food Festival at Oko, The Lalit Ashok, to bring in the Chinese New Year with a delicious spread of Chinese delicacies. Beginning January 28, 2011, you can savour the bold aromas of Szechwan and Hunan cooking merged with the subtle flavours of the Zhejiang and Fujian regions at Oko. Our specialty chef Liang Kain Wah has crafted a careful selection of mouth-watering dishes that showcase the best of Chinese cuisine. The creations preserve the essence of Chinese cuisine by using traditional Chinese cooking methods, authentic Chinese herbs and Chinese pickled ingredients that lend a distinctive flavour to the dishes.

Chow Ching Choy - Wok tossed mix vegsChow Ching Choy - Wok tossed mix vegs

Situated on the roof-top, Oko provides stunning views, great service and a chic and relaxed ambience that you can enjoy your meal in. The Menu has a selection of soups, several starters, traditional noodles, fried rice and a range of stir fried and wok tossed vegetable and meat dishes. The dishes are created in line with the Chinese Yin and Yang philiosophy where opposites combine to create the perfect balance. Hot balances cold, pickled balances fresh and spicy balances mild to create dishes and flavours that leave your palate absolutely delighted. Begin your meal with a plate of Tofu and Greens with Ying Yang sauce or choose the slow roasted Pork with Chinese Herbs and Garlic Chilli. The selection of starters also includes favourites like Vegetable Dragon Rolls and Jumbo Prawn with Chilli Garlic Bean Sauce.

 For main course you could order your favourite pan fried noodles, crisp fried chopsuey or fried rice along accompanied by a delicious stir fry. Choose from amongst the several wok tossed or stir fried vegetarian and non vegetarian options that combine several fresh and preserved ingredients to add depth and flavour to the sauces. The Sesame Hot Pepper Chicken, Mild Spicy Pickled Fish and the Wok Tossed Mixed Vegetables are highly recommended.

 Round off your meal with desserts ranging from China Grass Jelly to the all time favourite Wok Tossed Honey Noodles. Oko also has a wide selection of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages to choose from. Some of the highly recommended cocktails include The Lalit Cocktail and OKO - Whisky & crème de menthe with baileys and kahlua. If you prefer a non-alcoholic drink then the Pattaya Breeze with pineapple, guava, mango juice and chunks of manadarin orange and the Tropical Cooler a concoction with watermelon, pineapple juice and banana are excellent choices.
The Festival Menu is available for lunch between 12:30 – 03:00 p.m. and dinner between 07:00 to 11:45 p.m. An average meal for two is priced at Rs. 2000 plus tax.  For reservations contact - 91 80 30527777

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