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Eternal love story of Radha and Krishna on canvas

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Pratima Art gallery organized an art exhibition to celebrate the month of love.

Eternal love story of Radha and Krishna on canvasEternal love story of Radha and Krishna on canvas Photographs: Riddhi Mukherjee

When you think of Valentine’s Day
a number of images come into mind heart shaped balloons, stuffed toys, coffee shops…an art gallery is not one of them. This year, on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Pratima Art Gallery decided to do something about it. Located on M.G. Road, the gallery organized an art exhibition on this day made special by St Valentine. Eternal love stories and peace were some of the main themes, but also on display were a number of abstracts. 

Artist Daxa Khandwala’s set on the eternal love story of Radha and Krishna was one of the highlights of the exhibition. What made these paintings more special was the choice of medium. She chose to use acrylic paints on marble to give it a feel which can be seen in various Indian temples. Some of her other paintings were done on the traditional ‘oil on canvas’ medium.

Another artist on display was Gunjan Cowlagi, her artworks were unique abstracts created by fusing colored powdered glass onto a copper or steel base, by firing in a kiln. Several layers of enamel are repeatedly fired on the molten glass powder to give it a smooth, glossy finish. This technique is generally used for making jewellery, but Gunjan has adapted it to create intricate artworks, which are a fascinating visual treat. The fact that this technique makes the colors last permanently is an added advantage.

The mixmedia artworks of Devyani presented food for thought for the viewers. Buddhism was the central theme for most of her paintings. She employed copper gilding in one of her paintings and used peepal leaves in another one. Some of her noteworthy works were “Two Monks” and “Emerging Buddha”. The variety of mediums used by the artists was commendable. The boundaries of art are ever expanding was evident at this exhibition.
The exhibition is on till 18 February at Pratima Art Gallery

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