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Foie Gras, Sirloin of beef and Rosé wine at Luxe Corp

Luxe Corp. French Food & Beverage founded by Parvati Gianchandani is a one stop shop for all things French. Apart from offering a wide array of gastronomic delights, they will also hold cookery classes to show that cooking can be easy and fun!

Gastronomic delights from Luxe CorpGastronomic delights from Luxe Corp

Do you fancy sirloin of beef and foie gras
of duck but don’t know where to find them? Then your search ends here.  Luxe Corp, French food & beverage founded by entrepreneur, Parvati Gianchandani in September 2010, is an answer to the call of people who want access to French gastronomy.. Luxe Corp retails some exclusive products, which are almost hard to find in India. They offer a wide range of cheese like Camembert and Goat’s cheese. They also retail Sirloin of Beef, Duck Leg, Frog Leg, Foie Gras of Duck, Sheperd’s Pie, Pear Cake and Chocolate Fudge.

Parvati, the founder of the Group, who has French and Indian origins, has developed an offering to meet the expectation of a growing number of those who, although new to French products, are looking to continue their gallic culinary journey. The purpose of Luxe Corp. is to propose the largest choice of French products: sweet, savory, fresh, pre-cooked, frozen products as well as a large selection of red, white and rosé wines, champagne and spirits. “The concept has been in development for over a year. It has taken a great amount of hard work to select products that will best suit the tastes of the consumers. In order to achieve this, we worked with Top Chefs to bring out a catalogue that suits the Indian consumers,” explains Parvati.

Parvati Gianchandani, Founder of Luxe Corp, French food & beverage Parvati Gianchandani, Founder of Luxe Corp, French food & beverage

Talking about the demand for French food in India, Parvati says, “The usage of imported products that started as a fad some decades back has now become a habit amongst a small but rapidly growing urban population. Globalization and liberalization have opened doors for the entry of imported food products from across the globe, especially French products. Chocolates, cookies, juices, pasta, olive oil, honey, sauces and salads dressings and certain fruits are the prime categories of import.  Indian consumers now have both the willingness and ability to try new products. Urban residents are by and large the major consumers of imported food in India.  Imported food products are no longer restricted for sale in only select retail stores across the country. Today almost all the stores ranging from small departmental stores to big retail chains sell imported food products,”

Apart from retailing French food, Luxe Corp also plans to conduct cookery classes.  “Our love for food is obvious. A glance through any magazine and the endless number of television cookery programmes proves this, but how many of us dare to try something different in the kitchen? Countless would love to but feel that they don’t have the time – Luxe Corp Cookery Class is here to show that cooking can be easy, rewarding and fast.  All of our public classes and private events will be conducted by professional French Chefs with many years of experience and who have one common goal: to share their passion for food through delicious recipes which can be cooked at home time and time again. Together with our professional Chefs we will help design the perfect menu for private or corporate event, be it a lunch, a dinner or an interactive cocktail and canapé party,”

She adds, “More than a concept, Luxe Corp. French Food & Beverage wants to be a brand that differentiates itself. As our slogan says “savours and values for everyone”, we want to revolutionize the Indian food market,” Whether it be to taste a beautiful foie gras, to savour some truffles, to open a good bottles of wine or champagne, to choose some quality cheese or to bite into some macaroons, Luxe Corp. is here to delight you every day and enhance your gastronomic experiences.
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