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Cyber Crime is one of the fastest growing industries today and several colleges are offering courses in IT education. Mahatma Education Society (MES) is offering a whole range of specialist cyber crime fighters’ CIS programmes.

MES offers cyber crime fighters’ CIS programme Photo:GoogleMES offers cyber crime fighters’ CIS programme Photo:Google

Cybercrime has flourished over the
last decade, growing by double digits year after year, and costing consumers hundreds of millions of dollars every year. To curb this phenomenon and equip more people with the required skills, several colleges are offering courses in IT Security.  Mahatma Education Society (MES) has added the whole range of specialist cyber crime fighters’ CIS’s programme to the wide range of courses that it offers to its students.

MES provides four Diploma’s in IT security, these Diplomas’ cover the high demand in the security job market for the four job roles, IT Operations, IT Security Management and Audit, Cyber law and IT Investigations/Remedial Action and Secure Application Development. The diploma in IT security offers in depth knowledge, hands experience and industry relevant certification that provides a unique opportunity for students to gain globally recognized certifications. These Diplomas’ combined with industry Certifications allow the students undertaking this programme to compete globally within international security environment.

Cyber Intelligent security which is offering the course along with MES is a 360 degree security organization offering international training and globally recognized certifications on IT security that enable students to look at careers in IT networks and operations, Secure management and audit, Secure software development and Investigation and remedial fields pertaining to IT and digital forensics. According to Nasscom there are 250,000 opportunities for students just in India for security professionals and this sector has seen significant growth in opportunities even in this recessive environment.

“We already teach IT subjects including security but not in the depth or breath to which the CIS and Mile 2 courses go with respect to a career in IT security” added Dr. Pillai. “Consequently, we’re delighted to offer what is, at present, the highest standard of computer security courses available anywhere. The CIS/Mile 2 courses are the ‘crème de la crème’ in the computer security world; these courses go away beyond Ethical Hacking which no longer cuts the ice for corporations and security professionals”.

Rajive Kapoor, Managing Director of Cyber Intelligent Security, says “IT security education aims at educating and training students for the best available jobs in the IT security industry. It is not only the employee that is to be educated but even the employer who must know which candidate to choose for the job who meets the required security standards. The programmes incorporate security principles within their learning curriculum. With growing number of attacks and threats with respect to frauds, cyber crimes and data breaches it is a must for every professional to have some information to safeguard their assets. Organizations buying services and products need to understand how to put the security jigsaw puzzle together in order to protect them,”  
Some of the International Certifications offered in addition to the content covered in the Diploma are as follows:
• Certified Penetration Testing Consultant (CPTC) – which allows organizations to test their networks using approaches and techniques that hackers would use.  
• Certified Professional Ethical Hacker (CPEH) - certifies individuals in the specific network security discipline of ethical hacking from a vendor-neutral perspective.  
• Certified Secure Coding Engineer (CSCE) – the next step for IT and information security professionals who have already achieved strong base in Coding and want to move on to the next level of secure coding.  
• Certified Digital Forensics Examiner (CDFE) – which enables organisations to identify a path that an intruder took over the network; reveal intermediate intrusions and provide leads and corroborating evidence for disciplinary action. 
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