Venture Tuesday: Customising Classic and Vintage cars

Now, owning a classic or a vintage car just got easier! Classic Customs started by Rahul Melwani and Aman Bajaj specializes in restoration and customisation of classic and vintage cars. Apart from that they will also help you source your dream car!

1974 AMC Gremlin restored and customised by Classic Customs1974 AMC Gremlin restored and customised by Classic Customs

Ever fancied owning a classic or a vintage
car? If you're fed up with the monotony of driving that standard hatchback or sedan, then why not snap up a restored and renovated classic car. “Getting behind the wheel of a classic car is real and buying one needn't break the bank,” Says Rahul Melwani, who along with his friend Aman Bajaj started Classic Customs, which specialises in the restoration and customisation of classic and vintage cars. 

The hunt for classic beauties has intensified with car enthusiasts looking to acquire vintage and classic models. The city now has over 100 vintage and classic models which are showcased during the vintage rally every year. Cars produced between 1919 and 1930 are generally labelled vintage and those above 1930 are classics.

Before and after the restoration and customisationBefore and after the restoration and customisation

Rahul says, “It all started off when we were planning to customise a Contessa, as it is the only Indian car that has the panache of a Mustang. However we found a 1974 AMC Gremlin in a scrap condition and decided to work on it. That’s when we realized that we could actually make a business out of it as there are just a handful of experts who can restore the cars to their original conditions,”

Though it took the duo almost six months to finish their first project, the final outcome was totally worth all the effort.  He says, “We spent a lot of time, trying to understand how we could modify the car and give it a new look. The initial challenge was to find the right mechanic who specializes in customizing classic cars, because not everybody can do that. Also we researched quite a bit on the internet and then Aman started working on the technical aspects while I worked on the design of the car. The final outcome was very appealing and it gave us the confidence to start working on other projects,” 

Side view of the restored carSide view of the restored car

He adds, “One of the problems with classic cars is that they have a build quality which is no longer present in modern day vehicles. These problems can be solved by installing either modern day car parts by modifying the original car to accept them or by having special parts customised for the car. Usually customised parts are fitted to classic cars in order to increase the engine power substantially and also interiors are customized to make it more appealing,”

Apart from customising cars, the duo will also help you find classic cars and get it restored for you. Rahul says, “We are passionate about custom builds and right now custom car modification is what we have started with. The final piece of custom machinery we make will have form, function and aesthetics which will make it unique and one of its kind,”

Rahul Melwani and Aman Bajaj of Classic CustomsRahul Melwani and Aman Bajaj of Classic Customs

Like many other startups, the duo use Facebook to market their venture, and haven’t really advertised so far. Rahul says they’ve already got several requests from people asking them to do up their cars. “Our focus is only on classic cars as of now, maybe in the future we will work with bikes as well.  We’ve already started working on our second project, a 1963 Volkswagen Fast Back, which is nearing completion. It generally takes about two months to restore and customize a car. We charge 20 percent margin on the total cost of the customisation,” explains Rahul.
To get your classic car restored and customized contact Rahul Melwani at 9844006900 or connect with them on Facebook

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deepak Aug 05th, 2011 10:17 PM

guys.. tis may sound crazy but, i appreciate wat yu guys r capable of doin.. m a engineering student in b'lore finishing 2nd year...its ma dream to get ma hands on cars n restore thm.. i goo mad with thm.. i request yu guys to help mee work wityu...m desperate.. plsssss il do anything... jus message mee back

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