Announcing CoinPool – World’s first bitcoin portal

As the bitcoin goes mainstream, a whole ecosystem has emerged around the ‘much talked about’ crypto currency. And today, an exclusive online hub was created for the bitcoin community with the launch of world’s first bitcoin portal –

The world’s first bitcoin portal is both an online marketplace and an information resource for bitcoin users and includes a business directory of bitcoin friendly businesses covering over a hundred categories ranging from home improvement to fine dining and web hosting services.

The business directory provides a vibrant promotional space where bitcoin friendly businesses can showcase their merchandize to a worldwide audience. The website allows vendors/service providers to add comprehensive listings complete with product/service catalog and downloadable collaterals.

Consumers looking to buy products and services with bitcoin can use the handy search box or category browser to look-up bitcoin friendly businesses closest to their location. The review and comment zone under each business listing, gives consumers an opportunity to establish trustworthiness of a vendor prior to making a purchase decision.

CoinPool also provides an online classifieds space for those looking to buy/sell/rent using bitcoins. And for those interested in crypto currency related events, the online event calendar provides all the information about upcoming conferences and expos.

The community zone on CoinPool is the foremost bitcoin exclusive forum where users can carry-out Q&A format discussions about everything bitcoin. The website also includes a video gallery featuring a resourceful compilation of videos on bitcoin basics (quite helpful for newbies).

CoinPool allows users to add business listings, events and classifieds for free. The portal is powered by BlackMonk, and features a responsive design for seamless viewing experience across large and small screen devices. CoinPool has created a vibrant online space for the members of the bitcoin community, and the portal will serve as a nurturing ground for the fledgling crypto economy.
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