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Food Review: 'Magical' Medici

The new franco-italian restaurant Medici, located in the heart of Indiranagar’s swank 100 feet road offers European gourmet cuisine. The complete fine dining experience..

Franco-Italian cuisine with MediciFranco-Italian cuisine with Medici

Bringing exquisite world gourmet and culinary expertise to discerning Bangaloreans, is the new franco-italian restaurant Medici, conveniently located in the heart of Indiranagar’s swank 100 feet road. This enterprise started by the Malik Brothers, who being first time restaurateurs, consider this venture, a passion rather than a business. Rohan Malik , also the head chef, pays great attention to detail and finesse to create art for the palette.

 Designed with a touch of contemporary modernistic interiors, the space is also reminiscent of a classic French diner. Medici embraces a comfortable, stylish and plush atmosphere complete with warm lighting, good music and a setting designed in rich hues of cream, gold and brown.

Succulent beef carpacchioSucculent beef carpacchio

Beginning our meal with the appetizers, our gastronomical journey commenced with the Salmon Tartare and Beef Carpacchio. The salmon tartare came seasoned with capers, a hint of dill, olive oil and balsamic vinegar that complemented the fish well. Lemon squeezed on top of the salmon with a dash of extra balsamic, simply opened up its subtle flavors even more.

The Carpacchio was the usual thin slices of succulent marinated raw beef, interestingly presented with a dash of sour cream and balsamic vinegar, and garnished with olives and parmesan shavings. What truly makes a carpaccio special is the quality of the beef, and it was perfect here. However, a touch more of the parmesan and olives in the garnish would have given it the perfect balance in its flavor.

Creamy Ukrainian BorshtCreamy Ukrainian Borsht

On recommendation by the chef we decided to indulge our palette with the Borsht, a gourmet soup that gets its origins from Ukrainian cuisine. A creamy beetroot tomato soup prepared in a rich vegetable broth, seasoned with pepper and parsley, although made from a simple preparation, this dish was absolutely delightful, and is strongly recommended to folks who relish soup.

Then came the grand entry of the Grilled Scampi, divinely presented and served on a bed of spaghetti, the pasta was tossed with garlic, tomatoes and herbs. The jumbo sized tiger prawns were delicately prepared in butter bringing out the subtle flavors of the herbs cooked with it.  Char grilled to perfection, we suggest that this seafood delight is best eaten hot.

Divine grilled ScampiDivine grilled Scampi

Next on our order, was Medici’s Tornardo tenderloin, served with Dauphinoise Potato, which were thinly sliced potatoes, layered with mozzarella and parmesan cheese as a perfectly suited accompaniment. Just as with the carpacchio, the quality of the beef tenderloin was very good, being extremely tender and succulent. Preferring our meat prepared well done, it was charred to the right texture. This main course was clearly the crowning meal of the day, and what made it memorable was the sauce accompanying it. The chef’s ‘secret’ sauce recipe consisted of pomegranate juice, beef stock and caramelized onions, teamed with the delicious crispy potatoes, this dish would give any steak lover their moneys worth. The dish also came with asparagus, broccoli and french beans that made it perfectly hearty and complete. We suggested adding cherry tomatoes with the vegetables, which would add some tanginess to its slightly sweet sauce, and color to the vegetables.

Delectable Tornado TenderloinDelectable Tornado Tenderloin

Trying out variations in the main course we decided to try the Chicken de Medici, which came highly recommended. The chicken breast was stuffed with mascarpone cheese and sundried tomatoes served with red wine and rosemary baby potatoes. Though flavorful the chicken seemed a little dry and should have either come with a sauce or had a bit more stuffing, especially the mascarpone cheese.

Although with hardly any room left in our stomach to indulge, we couldn’t help trying out the desserts.  We narrowed our choices down to the Chocolat fondant and Tiramisu. The chocolate fondant was really delicious, baked with a center filled with oozing melted chocolate, a must for chocolate lovers and we recommend having this dessert hot. The Tiramisu on the other hand was disappointing and passable, tasting like bland cream, with no sign of the mascarpone cheese. Fortunately though, the presentations for both the desserts were very appealing.

The uniqueness of Medici clearly lies in the fact that it boasts of simple classic recipes, but in their simplicity, the food here is well made and well presented. Not overcooked or over spiced, their emphasis on subtlety in flavor is what makes their menu interesting. Furthermore, the recipes count for healthy meals that should attract clientele who seek this.

Overall our verdict was a favorable one, for the food prepared with fresh ingredients, artistically presented, and well priced with decent sized portions. Medici brings forward not only Italian and French cuisine, but a blend that encompasses classic European cuisine, a truly gastronomical experience in fine dining!


1206, Mannan Arcade, 2nd floor
above Maharaja Furnishers, 100 feet road
Indiranagar, Bangalore -560038 Map

91 80 42350674/75/76
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Dilip Soundararajan May 12th, 2010 12:00 PM

Enjoyed a nice meal there last evening.

Rajendra nath Mohanty Mar 12th, 2010 03:45 PM

The Medici, can proudly stand shoulder to shoulder with the very best. I have already had the pleasure of dining there twice during my recent visits to Bangalore and on both ocassions have thoroughly enjoyed the dining experience. Yes I too tried out the Grilled Scampi and it was simply delicious! If you find me visiting Bangalore more often- blame it on Medici.I stronlgy recommend this place to all discerning food lovers

Colonel Jude Mayne Mar 12th, 2010 12:21 PM

I agree with the review-I had dinner at an Italian restaurant last night-no patch when compared to 'M'

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