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Past life Regression - Healing the holistic way

This may not exactly be the realist’s cup of chicken soup but there certainly are takes and for good reason.

Tarun and Celia Cherian who were once ad professionals today are on a mission to healing through past life regression. 'Past life regression' that seems to be cropping up in conversations today has even been mentioned in texts as old as the ‘Upanishads’ and Yoga Sutras of Patañjali. Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover what most practitioners believe are memories of past lives or incarnations.

They strongly believe that anything and just about anything could be healed through their techniques. Tarun says, “The remedy or the healing power is within each one of us, we just help people who come to us to realize or channel this power.” All this may sound like the wishing well, the horse shoe or any other superstition but today most of what Tarun and Celia talk about is supported scientifically though up for argument. People doing research in this area, like Dr Satwant Pasricha of NIMHANS say decades of research are showing results.

Tarun and Celia don’t claim of any magical or mystical powers that are unique to them. They say it’s just a different level of conscience that makes the see what most of us don’t. 15 years ago Celia had a past life experience while visiting in a cathedral in Goa and that was the beginning for her. “Around the late 80’s I started having cosmic experiences, I always had a doubt whether they were just in my head or real until I figured it all out.” Says Tarun

As for the healing Celia says “Our bodies are designed brilliantly, and we can’t question that. Our bodies are self correcting mechanisms; we only realize a few ailments that show up in our bodies. There is so much that goes on in our bodies, so many ailments and diseases that come and go and we never realize, because our body takes care of it by itself.” Some diseases need more attention and that is where Tarun and Celia come in. “It’s all about belief.” Says Tarun. If one does not believe then they claim they cannot help cure the ailment. Like most other things in life one needs to put his heart into it.

Past life regression comes in where people carry forward memories or baggage from their past lives. Celia says “Past life memories could work for good and bad, they are tucked away deep in our minds.” The couple claims that these memories have to be probed sometime to find a cure or sometime to sever those memories so they do not affect our current lives.

They talk of a person who had approached with a problem in his throat. On examination they had found that in that particular persons past life he was a warrior of sorts and had died with an arrow head stuck in throat and there by the problem in his current life. All they had to do was remove that arrow head and he was fine. I’m sure this does not go very well with most realists but this sort of therapy must be working for people, Tarun and Celia’s claims apart. There are a number of people who vouch for their therapy. The say this rationalism does not come under the frame work of any religion.

The best way to tell would be to check it out for yourself, because they had a couple of things to tell me that surprised me, and mind you they were not peering into any crystal balls here!
Tarun and Celia live at Kamanahalli live with their adopted dog. You can reach Tarun and Celia on 
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