Monsoon, still a long way for Bangalore this year

Sudden monsoon alike pouring of rain must have brought the long awaited ‘sigh’ of relief to many in the city, but the meteorological department calls it normal, for monsoon is still a long way.

The sudden dip of the mercury level must have brought some smile to a lot of Bangaloreans, for the city had witnessed pouring effect yesterday, and later in the night, but experts still feel that monsoon is still a long way to go. Raining begun on Tuesday evening and continued till today morning, followed by a gloomy weather all through out today afternoon, bringing smile to many face, for Bangaloreans don’t seem to be too adapted with the hot weather that has been prevalent in the city for quite sometime now. “The heat is just too much here; weather was the only good thing I loved about the place, but that too has changed in the last two years. This place was never so hot like the way it is now,” said Arim K, a techie from the city. He adds: “I am hopeful that the city will be cooler for the next few days, considering that weather was not hot today, and it rained all through out the night yesterday.”  

But speaking to the Bangalore centre of the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD B), it gave a different picture all together. As the city heaved a sigh of relief ever since the sky opened up and cooled the city that was experiencing unprecedented hot weather for the last few days, experts say that the condition may continue for a day or two, but not more. Speaking to, B. Puttanna, Director of Bangalore Centre of Indian Meteorological Department, said, “The low temperature is because of the rain showers that occurred yesterday. This may continue for a day or two, but the weather will be back to normal soon.” He adds: “The dip in the mercury level is only because of the rain. The temperature will rise up again as the clouds will clear up from the sky, and the rain will be stop.”  

Bangalore is located in the Deccan plateau of southern peninsular India and is situated at a height of 920 meters above the sea level, which is why the climate in Bangalore is known to be dry tropical savanna climate (other cities from India: Mumbai and Kolkata). The pleasant Bangalore’s weather, that the place was once known with, had fetched the city the title of being the air conditioned city in the country. However, the change in weather in the last few years have left many people confuse. Speaking about the changing scenario in the weather condition, Puttanna explains, “It’s just not about Bangalore, but the same can be seen in all the other cities in the country. And this hasn’t happened suddenly, but has changed year after year.” He adds: “But I don’t think Bangalore was just known for its cold climate. History has it; that Bangalore had marked a temperature of 38.9 degree Celsius in 1931, which can be considered real hot, nay, the place can be still considered to have the best weather as compared to other cities in the country. I think Bangalore still has one of the best weather conditions in the country.”  

Speaking about global warming, he says, “The issue of global warming has been over hyped. Yes, global warming is surely responsible but it has only contributed a minute fraction to what you see today. Weather is dependant on a wide range of things”. “Just because there is a change in weather, it doesn’t mean that people will have to stop using vehicles, or other infrastructural work has to be stopped, for all these things come with development.” Whilst April and May is believed to have the highest temperature in the city this year, Puttanna said the weather will come down during June and July, as the city will get its first monsoon.  

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Eric Fernandes Aug 21st, 2010 05:12 PM

Would appreciate a weather map online

Thomas Apr 11th, 2010 04:26 PM

You cannot compare Mumbai to Bangalore as Mumbai lie near to the sea she will have the regulating hot breeze and cold breeze from the sea to regulate temp

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