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Summer will get hotter with Lamb of God

Come May 15, and Bangaloreans will get a real reason to re-establish the city as the rock capital of the country, when the Virginia-based band, Lamb of God, performs at Palace Ground.

The ‘Rock in India’ last month left many Bangaloreans disappointed; they felt it was  a mockery to the music fanatics from the city – a festival that was always considered as one of the best from the country. it however is time for some some cheering up. The heavy metal band, Lamb of God,  from Virginia, is all set to perform at the first edition of Summer Storm festival organised by Overture, an event management company from Bangalore.  

A synonym for metal music in the world, Lamb of God (LOG) is one of the bands that is believed to have taken the world of metal music by storm. Formed in the year 1994, the band comprising Randy Blythe (Vocals), Mark Morton and Willie Adler (Guitars), bassists John Campbell and drummer Chris Adler, is known to sound quite unlike any other bands from the genre of Heavy Metal music. The five-piece ensemble scoops out music that is not just loud, but guarantees larger-than-life experience. “I have had an opportunity to see one of their concerts at Jakarta last year, and I can bet on this that people wouldn’t have that kind of an experience easily in life. It’s true metal,” said Kangkan Nath, a student from the International School of Music, Malaysia. “Having watched them perform was an out of box experience. 

Their music is just not loud, but you can see a lot of co-ordination amongst the other band members, which makes their music worth listening to. They are f*%&%*g loud man, and the wall of death is real scary. Make sure to put on your ear plugs man, for Chris Adler is sure to blow your mind.”    
The band came to the limelight in 2004, 10 years after its inception, when the band rose to the top of the international metal scene. Beloved by a rabid, grass roots cult of underground thrash fanatics, thanks to brutal and technical albums like the New American Gospel and As the Palaces Burn of 2000, the band toured North America relentlessly and began their international career overseas in support of the latter. 

While there are a bunch of other bands that mark a similar story, Lamb of God can be defined in a slightly different manner, drifting away from the story of a lot of other metal bands. Whilst news’ on tribulation of band members is a common thing with these metal bands, Lamb of God has been able to stick around, not by repetitively trying to redefine itself with each new record, but by following the example of other hardcore metal bands who are considered as the prodigies in heavy metal music. LOG’s uncommon work ethic, uncompromising musicianship and intellectual lyrics set them apart – and into un-chartered territory. 

Lamb of God is just not about loud music, but setting them apart from being a band that is just known for its high decibel of music, the heavy metal band is also known for its lyrical balance too. ‘Walk With Me In Hell', the third DVD the metal icons had officially reached platinum status. The DVD originally debuted at #2 on Billboardís Video Music chart, selling over 13,000 units in its first week of release. “I can't believe that these guys are coming down here; we practically worship them. I am very excited about them performing here and cannot wait for the gig,” said Robin Sait, a student and a music fanatic. Speaking about his love for metal music, he adds, “This year, our expectations went down the drain when a pop band like the Backstreet Boys was asked to perform in what was called the only rock festival of the country. This is show time; for some real music.”  

Whilst people in the city seem to be in anticipation, waiting for the scheduled date for the concert, organizers still prefer to wait, to even comment on what their expectations were. Arpan Peter, one of the founders of Overture. “It’s too early to comment on anything; we will have to wait till as time we get to see the number of people turning up for the show on May 15.” Asked to speak about the Summer Storm festival, he said, “India has a lot of potential and the metal scene in the country is growing, so, we want to bring a lot of these new bands before they get old”. “So far, we have got a lot of good response from people around, but we will have to wait and see as to how things will turn up at the end of the show.” 
Overture is a start up enterprise started by two friends: Arpan Peter and friend Vinay Venugopal. Overture burst into the Event Management, Artist and PR Drive scene with a handful of high profile companies, and has been in function for the last eight months.  
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u who Mar 29th, 2010 06:39 PM

metale iss metale end roack iss roack bbutt cawlin something sheeut iss not metale nor rowk. also beangaluru is the country capital of ze countree - there are more metale fans in dilli or chih-nai 2day - bangtown metale scene is dyin, only old bands rubbin their own wounds, no yung metale bands. anyweigh the guy's name iss "rawk shite" after al swo yall 4givenn !

Rakshith Mar 29th, 2010 05:47 PM

Bangalore Is the Metal Capital Of the Country...not Rock ,rock is shit

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