Tech Thursday: It’s all about Twitter trawling, MSN Yuva and India unseen

Tech Thursday is back with exciting new portals that really are out there to change the way we browse. Twitter's Trendsmap, for instance, is a great space to just spend a lot of time. Taking Twitter trawling to a whole new level. 
This is a is a real-time mapping of Twitter trends across the world. See what the global, collective mass of humanity are discussing right now.
According to the instructions on the landing page, all you have to do is : move/zoom around the map and click on topics for additional information in this window. You can also click on any city name (which will appear above) to go to a local page, or use the search feature (top-right) to view trending topics or cities directly. They even have a Tutorial Screen-test 
And you can obviously follow Trendsmap on Twitter for more updates. 
Currently only English language tweets are used by Trendsmap

MSN Yuva – MSN’s Hindi News Portal
MSN Yuva has Hindi content! It has content in Hindi on News, Stars, Sports, Entertianment, Careers, Fitness, Romance and more. You can expect MSN to do the same with other vernacular languages, like Tamil. in the coming few months. In addition to this MSN has also made direct access available to the readers of MSN Yuva to Webduniya’s Hindi Social Networking Website called Dosti , ( users to create their profiles and a network of friends, send and receive messages or scraps – all this in Hindi. There are also other activity sections such as a youth meter, a confession zone and a zodiac sign prediction. So if you suddenly feel like polishing up on your Hindi reading, MSN Yuva could be just the place for you to be doing that. A travel Portal for rural, unseen India is not just another travel portal; even though it does focus on travel(of course) and customer experiecnme. What it does is, open up India, that is far from the mainstream, to the travel thirsty. Now most travlllers who are searching online are always on the look out for best deals, if not The Best Deal, and then possibly places that offer something new. This new portal provides one stop solution for all travel related information in the rural and more untouched parts of India. It has interesting features like when long weekends are coming up, so that you have more incentive to quickly book yourself into a travel package. The portal has also has partnered with Rural Tourism Network Enterprise (RTNE) for hotel bookings in some of the most rural areas of the country.

Mydala brings group buying to Bangalore
After helping Delhiites & Mumbaikars save Rs.10 lakhs in just 2 months, logs into Bengaluru’s people-power to help actualize ‘deep’ discounts on dining, movies, salons, & more., India’s first and largest “power of group buying”social commerce portal offering one unbeatable discount deal every day. With over 15,000 fans on its Facebook page already, mydala is fast becoming the go-to destination of online shoppers. It has already sold close to 1500 deal vouchers in Delhi and Mumbai, helping people save over Rs.10 lakhs off the retail price, in just 2 months. Mydala enables individuals to get discounts that they wouldn’t get individually. This  by joining in groups that want to buy the same product and/or service. These deep discounts are only available when a certain minimum number of individuals buy into a deal. The concept is the brainchild of woman-entrepreneur Anisha Singh. 
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