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Theatre Watch: Actor's Nightmare

Bangalore will be privy to a staging of a play which is an adaptation of Christopher Durang's "An Actor's Nightmare" and 3 sketches from Monty Python Flying Circus television series, strung together to produce a 70-minute rib tickling comedy.

This play is an adaptation of Christopher Durang's "An Actor's Nightmare" and 3 sketches from Monty Python Flying Circus television series, strung together to produce a 70-minuterib tickling comedy. Christopher Durang is a contemporary American playwright known for his dark comedies. His "An Actor's Nightmare" is reflective of every actor's ultimate night mare of ending up onstage completely clueless about the lines, the characters and the plot; very similar to the "good students dream" where a conscientious student dreams of landing up for a test unprepared. 

The Actor's nightmare in Durang's work ends up as an illogical and disconnected series of episodes from other well-known plays. The confusion and chaos that worsen the actor's predicament make the play hilarious and entertaining. Monty Python, or The Pythons, is the collective name of the creators of Monty Python‘s Flying Circus, a British television comedy sketch show that first aired on the BBC on 5October 1969. Enthralled by the creatively control of the Monty Python group, VODO chose to adapt 3 hilarious sketches. The experiment of sorts resulted in 3 theatrical sketches quite different from the original

The Actor's Nightmare is a short comic play by Christopher Durang. It involves an accountant named George Spelvin, who is mistaken for an actor's understudy and forced to perform in a play for which he doesn't know any of the lines.
While attempting to convince himself that he is merely in a dream, the protagonist ends up theorizing that one can't dream of his own death and therefore he will wake up just before he is beheaded. He accepts the execution, but appears to really be dead during curtain call, much to the cast's confusion.
 The Monty Python group is popular around the world for its hilarious TV sketches and movies .VODO has chosen three interesting and equally challenging sketches to ensure the audience is transported to an inexplicable world of dead parrots, a tongue tied salesgirl in a bookshop and  Michelangelo and the Pope's  "Last supper" musings. The play was last performed on 6th and 7th July ,2006 to a packed house that went laughing all the way home!

 A critical components of a city‘s theatre ”scene‘ is the enthusiastic and talented youth, and Bangalore with its growing diversity, is no different. —Version One Dot Oh!“ (VODO) sprang to life in late 2003 when a bunch of young folks from diverse backgrounds came together to share their passion for theatre and contribute to this wonderful medium of expression. 

Venue: Rangashankara
Date: March 18th and 19th 
Time: 7:30 PM (show starts at 7:30 and late comers would not be allowed inside the auditorium as per rules of Rangashankara) 

Cast : Amjad, Padmaja Nagarur, Manisha Vinod, Aditya Hegde, Sanjeev Nair, Isabel, Adithi Kalkunte, Thomas Abraham, Devaiah, Vikram Balakrishna Vikram Rai
Crew : Yashwanth, Vikram Balakrishna, Sudarshan Seshadri, Aditya Hegde
Lights : Kishore Acharya
Sounds and Music : Snehal Pinto
Make up: Amjad Parvez and Adithi Kalkunte
Costumes : Manisha Vinod
Sets : Poornima Sukumar
VODO on the web:
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