Asha provides education to the underprivileged

Asha for Education is a not-for-profit, volunteer-driven organization dedicated to socio-economic change in India. They support education of underprivileged children and initiatives that help empower communities as a whole.

Asha provides education to the underprivilegedAsha provides education to the underprivileged

There are many NGOs in Bangalore
that are doing some great work but Asha for Education is an organization dedicated to change in India by focusing on basic education. They strongly believe that education is a critical requisite for socio-economic change. The organization has many decentralized chapters across the world which are all not-for-profit, volunteer driven and zero overhead entities. Santhosh Padmanabhan who volunteers with Asha, says “We are a group of individuals who volunteer our time to support initiatives that help the underprivileged. Though we mainly focus on education, we actively cover other areas as well. We have a huge volunteer network and have people who have been working in the development area to those with full time jobs,”

The Asha-TeamThe Asha-Team

Asha supports education of underprivileged children and initiatives that help empower communities as a whole. They do this by working with project partners to identify areas where they can help. One of the projects that Asha is associated with includes Ananya Trust in Bellandur. Ananya a learning center that works with children who have dropped out of mainstream schooling (primarily due to learning disabilities or behavioral disabilities). “It was started in March 1998 to provide relevant and meaningful education for the underprivileged children in and around Bangalore city. Most children, who drop out of school, do so because the schools do not cater to their special needs. Though we don’t support the school financially, we still volunteer and teach the kids there,” explains Santhosh, who is also the founder of Runner's High

They also work with Sita School which uses alternative educational methods to encourage children to learn at their own pace without pressure of exams or fear of failure and disapproval. The school tries to create an environment which stimulates the child not just intellectually, but also emotionally, creatively and socially. Apart from all this, Team-Asha has a marathon Program and they collaborate with Runner's High to train individuals to run a marathon or half-marathon. “Over the period of four months of training the runners learn about Asha and its projects and also fundraise towards these projects. Last year we managed to raise about 6 -7 lakhs for Asha,” he says.

Their projects also include fellowships for social workers to help them continue their service to society.  Asha currently supports four projects in India.” We also provide a base for volunteers to learn about social issues and take steps to address them through the projects we work with.  Also Asha volunteers spend time at projects picking up aspects they are good at to contribute to the NGOs. This also helps us as a group to understand the organizations strengths and weaknesses,”
To volunteer with Asha and to help them out with their initiatives, log on to

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