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Bad Romance with Cheapsex!

There are no set rules, no deadlines and no one to boss around, well that’s a life we all crave for. Kuldeep Singh and Brijesh Dahiya wake up every morning at their own convenience and make something, not out of pressure but out of extreme pleasure

Art work is usually top-centric as it is mainly done
on t-shirts and kurtas but this thought bothered Brijesh Dahiya so much that at a drop of hat he decided to quit his job and took off to the capital city. “I was in Bangalore a year back where I was working with Allen Solly as a graphic designer. And I was mainly doing graphics on the t-shirts and they have always remained very top centric. Bottoms were the most neglected segment then,” says the NIFT graduate who thought of having fun with most understated garment.

Since he had done hundred’s of graphics on the t-shirts he thought that bottoms also needed some attention. But then graphic designs on trousers, Nah! Well that thought didn’t entice the young man too much and soon he had his moment of epiphany and thought of an idea that the whole world is swearing by.  It’s definitely one of its kind and his out of the world imagination can be seen on the tiny teasers called ‘BOXERS’.

Gulabo Chhap Design Works was thus born with the help of his partner Kuldeep Singh. And well what do they chhapo (print) and where? The duo got together and dribbled their perverted imagination and decided to give the boring boxer a metamorphosis. Butt Bite, Chadhti Jawaani and CheapSex Clinic are just few of the bawdy lines that you will see in their Cheap Sex collection. “The basic idea was to have an edge from the premium brands which people wore with their low waist denims. So our part was to make that ‘very area’ fun. We just had the boxer belt to play with because the rest of it would be hidden. We have eccentric, fun intended designs which will definitely grab eyeballs,” he winks, while I still sit amused thinking about the brand Cheapsex.

Cheapsex has bold and bright, colours with pun intended vulgar graphics which is bound to tickle your pervert imagination to its best. “The whole idea was to give a peek-a-boo to some fun stuff. We are definitely a bunch of stupid men with stupid ideas. We just let our creativity flow and design them. We wanted a name that would make people stop and wonder. Something that would engage, entertain and make them smile. It makes people give a second glance, after all its sex and its cheap (I mean the boxers),” he chuckles. You will not find anything that is subtle or subdued here. They love being loud and cheesy. So what’s their take on the word ‘Sex’ and do they watch porn for some encouragement, “Well…Sex is beautiful. Beyond the whole ‘activity’ thing it’s something that people talk about with a lot of unease. They need to be relaxed and nudity for me is definitely more sensual than sexual. And we do not watch porn at all,” swears the duo to our surprise.

And if it has to bold, blatant and idiosyncratic then it can be none other than the Bad Romance singer, Lady Gaga. The duos find their inspiration by looking at her videos. They love travelling, and if anything they read or see catch their fancy, you will see them on the boxers. They also watch a lot of music videos from the 80’s and the 90’s for the whole visual appearance. The duo definitely had some tough time initially when it came to convincing people. “It was not easy to convince the workers they would refuse to print saying the images are too vulgar for them. And we also had to convince our parents with our bizarre concept,” he explains. Initially even the stores had inhibitions to buy their products for sale. Today they retail at 6 stores across the country and by this month end they will have 25 such stores. “Before you dismiss us as a bunch of chauvinists, we here at Cheapsex are totally unisex,” they beam.

Apart from boxers, they have also ventured into making scandalous cushion covers and playing cards. They had to re-design there very first cushion cover because it was too much for the printers’ eyes, “The cushion cover had a lot bikini clad, and semi clad women. And we had names like Kajal, Sakina, Pushpa, Fiza written on them. But then we had to re-design and take off the semi clad women,” says Kuldeep. Their range of playing cards is again a clever-remark of their imagination. The joker is a gay, and the king is bi-sexual, who knows he might be making out with the joker and the queen is slutty and the jack secretly loves her,” says Brijesh with a naughty smile. Well all this in just a small pack of playing cards, well that's too much of bad romance  I say.

They retail at Chilli Billi, and Levitate and the prices start from Rs 500. For more details, check

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