Celebrate Holi with a riot of colors and feasting

Holi is the celebration of “spring” which brings with itself optimism and innocence, fun and frolic, riot of colors and feasting.

Celebrate holi with a riot of colors and feastingCelebrate holi with a riot of colors and feasting

Holi is one of the most recognized festivals
of India. The celebration of colors is not community specific. This means it is celebrated almost in every part of the country with pomp and show. The reason behind it being so popular is its universal message of unity and brotherhood. However, there is not one single reason for celebrating this awesome festival.

Holi is an ancient Indian festival. It was originally known as ‘Holika. Historians believe that Holi festival was brought in by the Aryans. Legend says that Holika, evil king Hiranayakashipu’s sister burned herself in fire on this day. Holi is about celebration of good over evil, it is celebrated all over India, where people make merry and apply colours to each other in the significance of approaching spring.  According to Hindu calendar, Holi is celebrated on “Phalgun Purnima” day, the last full moon day of lunar calendar. People enjoy the day by applying colorful abeer and gulal on each other’s face, throwing them in the air as well as having thandai or bhang.

Holi is also famous for different sweets which offered to friends relatives and family. Sweets like Puran Poli, Gujia. Dahi Bhalle, Malpua, Papri, Bhang, Thandai, Kanji ke vade etc is made during the festival. Colours which is sold in market is made by artificial chemicals which can lead to many skin allergies and rashes. Use natural colours to be on safer side.

Places to eat on Holi

Enjoy the festival of colours with traditional gourmet fare at Latitude. Antipasti, Tossed Salad, Steam, Live Grills, Street Wraps, Chaat and Dessert stations for its special Holi buffet brunch.  The extensive menu designed by Executive Chef Arzooman Irani includes soups such as Dal aur Dhania Shorbha, Chicken and Pepper Rasam; appetisers like Cold Meat Platters, Lamb Pepperoni; and salads like Grilled Corn and Mushroom with Sweet Soya dressing, Tandoori Fruit Salad, Fish Tikka Salad, Prawn and Squid Salad, and more.
When: On the 20th of March
Price: Rs 950 AI food only, Rs 1150 AI wine and cocktails and Rs 1500 AI with sparkling wine
Time: 12.30 pm to 3.00 pm

Mast Kalandar
This Holi walk into Mast Kalandar to enjoy the true spirit of the festival and to have a foodful experience. You can indulge in “gunjiya” and “thandai”, the traditional holi drink 'Thandai' a dry fruits based milk. They are also organisng, “Satrangi feast”; it consists of, Dahi papdi chat, matar paneer, dumaloo benarasi, matar ajwain puri, rangarang pulav, mooli ki bhujiya, gunjiya and gulab jamun.
When: 19 & 20th March
Priced: Rs.179 plus taxes.

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