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Celebrate your 'Mood Swings' with some jewellery!

Who doesn’t go through mood swings? We girls love our mood swings, don’t we? So now get ready to flaunt it with ‘jewellery’

Jewellery from Mood Swings by BenaazirJewellery from Mood Swings by Benaazir

She was intrigued by designs and loved
everything that had to do with colours. She always found it amusing to see her grandmom make intricate designs from her hand. “I always wanted to do something creative. I love fashion but I never thought I could make a career out of jewellery,” says Benaazir Muhammdunni, who quit her high profile job to follow her dreams. And soon many doors opened for her, she soon started designing her own jewellery which was always appreciated by her friends. “My friends always appreciated me and that’s when I started outsourcing my designs,” says Benaazir.

Benaazir is surrounded by colours and finds inspiration in anything that’s around her.  Mood swings, her jewellery line is dedicated to women. “I always wanted a name that is representative of all women. And mood swings are something we go through all the time. And good mood swings are such a welcome change.” Benazir’s collection has many facets to it. She believes in transporting a person into a euphoric state with her state-of-art jewellery  for every mood.

“I want my clients to walk in with an open mind. Most of them have reservations for colours but then it’s always so much fun to play colours,” says Benaazir who believes in meeting her clients to know what would suit their personality.   Benaazir has two lines of jewellery. The first line of jewellery is made with semi precious stones in silver and the next line is made with various metals, glass, wood and everything you can imagine. “I am still experimenting and exploring to incorporate new things into my creation,” she concludes.
Mood swings jewellery starts from Rs 300 and goes up Rs 25,000
You can contact her at:

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Rajshree Rai Sep 24th, 2011 10:27 AM

Please send a E brochure. Can you send me replica of jewellery pieces already sold? How do I make the payment?

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