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Dr. Shantu talks about natural baby birthing solutions from SAHHEAL

Natural Birthing helps women rediscover their own bodies and be in tune with their baby all throughout their pregnancy and labor. Dr. Shantu from Soulbath Peace Foundation talks more about this.

Natural Birthing helps women rediscover their own bodies Natural Birthing helps women rediscover their own bodies

SAHHEAL Healing and Baby Birthing
Centre Bangalore is an initiative by Soulbath Peace Foundation which is well known internationally across many countries and is guided and inspired by Raj Bhowmik and his Global Peace Mission. SAHHEAL offers a wide range of baby birthing solutions to help the family and the baby. Natural childbirth as a movement has already started in the West in reaction to the medicalization of birth and it is slowly gaining acceptance in India. Natural childbirth means birthing without the use of pain medications and in some cases medical interventions like IVs and fetal monitors. It is all about welcoming babies consciously, happily and peacefully at birth, create a nurturing environment during birth and immediately post birth. Dr. Shantu from Soulbath Peace Foundation talks about natural birthing and how it keeps the parents in tune with nature.

What is natural birthing?
Natural childbirth is going through labor and delivery without the help of medications, including pain relievers. It is all about allowing the woman to lead the labor and delivery process, dealing with it in any way she is comfortable. At SAHHEAL, we offer a wide range of baby birthing solutions that help birthing moms and dads to welcome their babies consciously, happily and peacefully at birth, create a nurturing environment during birth and immediately post birth.  We also offer HypnoBirthing which is an exclusive process aligned to the recommendations by International bodies such as WHO, UNDP & UNFPA. It is an internationally acclaimed gentle birth choice for parents around the world.

What can parents expect from the baby birthing solutions? Tell us more about the duration and some outcomes?
We offer three birth workshops that help expecting parents through their entire pregnancy. The programs are designed to help parents break the fear – tension –pain cycle to move beyond to understand birth from an empowered and aware reference point. The workshops empower the parents with exercises, affirmations, massages, questions to ask the doctors and hospitals and birth plans for the hospital. We also help with post birth developments, breastfeeding awareness and enhanced communication with the baby in the womb, during birth and post birth.

Are there any special circumstances involved in natural birthing?
Risks in pregnancy come about due to the fear-tension- pain cycle. If the mom or her environment is creating any of the above, then there may be special circumstances during birth. Special circumstances do not crop up suddenly but show signs gradually that are consistent even during pregnancy. So we help expecting moms and dads recognize these aspects in themselves and their environment to take notice, transform and live the pregnancy and baby birthing phase from empowerment. This creates a peaceful birth and a happy baby.

What do you think are the most important things to do or keep in mind if you want a natural birth?
The most important aspect is that birthing moms and dads need to fully want and believe in Natural Birthing as an informed choice to welcome their baby and themselves. To keep this belief in tact, any other redundant traces of fear is transformed through education based on scientific research and SAHHEAL experiences of enhancement. After this, birthing moms and dads need to do is to sustain that belief every single day through various stages of the pregnancy and birth. Birthing babies trusting nature completely with no artificial inductions is a process of nurturing the self, baby and the family. This is a choice.

What procedures are performed during natural birthing?

Once the parents arrive in their birthing centre which could be a home/ birth centre/ hospital/ maternity centre, they move through the surges that last for about 10 – 12 hours where the baby is quietly descending. The dad along with our birth experts help the mom keep focus on her breath and relaxing her body with what they have now been working for many months till she is fully dilated, following which the baby comes out naturally in to this world.

What are the advantages of having a natural childbirth?
For the baby: Full term development of the baby with complete neurological development at 40 – 42 weeks gestation period, development of subtle awareness that helps instincts in a child.
For the mom: relaxing, peaceful and aware pregnancy being fully aware of the changes in her body and her baby. In sync with her body to connect with Natural hormones that allow the descent of the baby to begin and flow through. Most important precious time in the lifecycle of a woman that she enjoys and she is in charge of it.

How is pain managed during the natural childbirth?
Through the pregnancy breathing, affirmations, visualization, exercises, massages, water and believing in the vision taps natural relaxation hormones in the body to have a gentle birth.

SAHHEAL also offers HypnoBirthing, what exactly is it?
HypnoBirthing – Internationally acclaimed and is a unique method of relaxed, natural childbirth education, enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques. HypnoBirthing provides the missing link that allows women to use their natural instincts to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birthing.
There is a free orientation for expecting parents who want to understand the SAHHEAL Baby Birthing Solution following which there are registrations. Log on to for more details.

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Manik Thakurta Mar 17th, 2011 04:54 PM

I have gone through this detail  and read earlier. This technique needs to be passed on to expecting mothers.

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