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Food Review: Experience the rich taste of Indian cuisine at Tattv

Tattv, in Sanskrit means an element or aspect of reality, which aims to showcase the world of kebabs using the five culinary elements namely the Tandoor, Sigri, Kadai, Tava and Curry.

The minute you walk in Tattv
, you will be soaked in magnificent majestic; such is the vibe of this swanky new restaurant. Situated right in the heart of the city Tattv is a perfect place for all things Indian. The regal ambience of the restaurant is bound to transport you to a world of imperial charm and the food perfectly complements the experience. The lip smacking fare by Chef Sanjay Tyagi and team will just make you gorge on authentic Indian fare like never before.

Tattv is a Sanskrit word meaning 'thatness', 'principle', 'reality' or 'truth'. According to various Indian schools of philosophy, Tattv is an element or eality conceived as an aspect of deity. Although the number of Tattvs varies depending on the philosophical school, together they are thought to form the basis of all our experience. “What we serve are the samplings of Indian cooking which is inspired  from the middle-eastern history. We do not follow the conventional commercial approach of cooking but present to you samplings of dishes from various cooking styles,” says Chef Tyagi who took us though a journey of his enormous culinary skills.

We began our gastronomic expedition with a complimentary appetizer that the chef serves specially to all his guests. What we saw in front of us was a combination of dahi-vada topped with a tiny piece of khaman dhokla which was perfect to set our taste buds rolling. While we savoured the extremely soft and delicious appetizer, it was time to binge on the starters, what lay in front of us looked extremely tempting and we seriously couldn’t wait to dig in. After all it was all things Indian. The starters that came from the expansive kitchen which overlooks the seating, comprised florets of Malai Broccoli with green cardamom and cheese(something that we’ve never eaten before), Jaituni Paner Tikka with black kalamata olive and saffron, and Stuffed Mushroom. We know it reads tempting well you ought to believe us, for it really tasted divine.

We just wished we could keep binging on the tikka’s, they were just cooked to perfection: soft and medium spicy. But then we knew that there is a lot that’s going to be on our platter. The menu features traditional roasts and breads that have been handpicked from various regions of the Indian Subcontinent, the Central Asian region, the North West Frontiers of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Iran. The Indian selection is influenced by the erstwhile princely states like Punjab, Jaipur, Baroda, Cooch Behar, Hyderabad, and the like. There is also an array of regional specialties from the Southern regions.

We began our main course with three varieties of curries; we ordered the Paneer Labardar in fenugreek tomato curry, Dal Makhani and Punjabi Jheenga Masala tossed with bell pepper with Warqi Paratha (which is a an extreme delight to chew on, layers and layers of roti’s are put together to give you that one fluffy bite) and Gilafi Kulcha. The meal was extremely sumptuous and we were rejoicing every single bite of the most scrumptious Indian fare. We then concluded our main-course with a delicately spiced Murg Dum Biryani.

It was undoubtedly a delight for connoisseurs like us who love the Indian Khanna to its best. Though we were stuffed with all the chef’s specials we couldn't say no to something we promised the chef at the beginning of our meal. , “You must try the chocolate Gujjiya."  And when it comes right from the chef’s magical kitchen, could we ever deny it. And I am so glad we didn’t say no for something chocolate this time. The chocolate gujjiya well as the name suggests was stuffed with chocolate and the minute we put our spoon to break it into a bite, came the overflowing hot chocolate. It was sinful and a sheer pleasure to eat it with vanilla ice-cream. What more shall we say? We enjoyed every bite of our meal that evening and it was truly a fine dining experience and we are hoping to go back soon this week. See you there!
A sumptuous meal for two will cost Rs. 2000


1st floor, 25/4, Above Barista
Lavelle Road, Bangalore Map

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