Forget your coffees and head over to Chaipatty Teafe!

Posted by Prinahata  |  07. March 2011

Chaipatty Teafe is a chai lounge in BangaloreChaipatty Teafe is a chai lounge in Bangalore

Chirag Yadav, the owner of Chaipatty Teafe abhors the word
coffee. And his extreme dislike gave Bangalorean’s a really cool chai lounge to chill out and enjoy. “I always wanted to open a restaurant and having a brand name Chaipatty for over one and half years just made it even more easier.” Chaipatty teafe (tea café) is a great place to enjoy your chai served in terracotta kulhars which adds bucolic vibe to your experience.

To keep the rustic element alive they have bamboo modas and mats where you can comfortably park yourself, grab a copy of self-help or fiction and turn pages while you sip in the tea and dig in their specialties like pakoras, magi, momos and sandwiches. This small sit out place gives you a feel that you have made you own chai. “I really wanted people to feel that they are making their own cup tea and the everything done in this space is by my friends from the activity centre,: says Chirag.

Chaipatty serves a wide variety of teasChaipatty serves a wide variety of teas and snacks

The teafe also has a lot of accessories for women; funky shoes, and also a lot of decorative items for your home on sale at the teafe. It will be an experience you will never forget, you will be only craving for more. You will be soaked in the simplicity of the place and the sketches on the wall will make you keep gaping at it. One corner of it reads Chai and Snakes (snacks) while the other has a woman milking a cow.

Bamboo modas and mats adds to the rustic vibeBamboo modas and mats adds to the rustic vibe

Chaipatty also has an activity centre in Koramangala which caters to all kind of fun activities like Salsa, bar tending, Dj-ing, theatre, film making and much more. “I wanted an activity center which is not a hobby class kind of a thing. I wanted something fun and creative. I am trying to have everything possible and the workshops are conducted on a regular basis. We have sketching, pottery, we teach how to read cards, and we also teach Tibetan meditation,” says Chirag who restricts the number of students per workshop to 5-8.  All in all at Chaipatty you will enjoy your time and come back smiling.
Price for two at Teafe: Rs 200/-
Located: 100 ft road, Indiranagar
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