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Get fit with Calisthenics!

Calisthenics is an ancient form of exercise which is slowly gaining popularity in Bangalore. Calisthenics consists of simple steps as well as movements that improves strength, flexibility, and endurance of the body.

Calisthenics improves strength, flexibility, and endurance of the body.Calisthenics improves strength, flexibility, and endurance of the body.

Calisthenics is a combination of simple
movements, performed without weights or equipment. The history of calisthenics is linked to gymnastics and was a major form of training prior to modern advances.  “Calisthenic exercises are a natural form of exercise with a variety of simple movements using only your body as resistance. Almost anyone, at any fitness level, can do this exercise. The routine usually starts with a warm-up and then moves to a fun work-out with the props. Calisthenics is best done in a group and a lot of props are used to make the classes fun and interesting,” Says Kiran Madappa, fitness instructor who believes that Calisthenics is the best form of exercise for people who don’t like weight-training.

He adds, “Calisthenics workout is usually a progressive training routine and it helps you get stronger and increases your stamina. Also the exercises are extremely beneficial because of its applicability in day-to-day life. With proper techniques Calisthenic exercises can be modified to increase or decrease resistance. Some of the basic movements of Calisthenics include bending, jumping, kicking and it basically works on every muscle group in your body,”

Various activities such as gymnastics, martial arts, yoga and pilates are all forms of Calisthenic exercises. Kiran says, “The best thing about Calisthenics is that it gradually helps you to have a complete control over your body. It improves your cardiovascular performance, flexibility and your agility. Just calisthenics may not help in your overall development, so it is advisable to combine it with other forms of exercises as well. But it should be done with proper form, technique, and breathing because if it is not performed the right way the exercises can put a lot of strain on the joints,”

Talking about the advantages, he says, “Calisthenics exercises are categorized into aerobic exercises and anaerobic exercises. These are dynamic exercises for toning of muscles. The exercises promote weight-loss and most importantly enhance cardio-vascular conditioning and improve energy levels. Calisthenics is usually prescribed to people who are extremely obese or have undergone a surgery,”

Advantages of Calisthenics Exercises
* Calisthenics does not require any special equipment.
* Calisthenics leads to an improvement in overall strength and energy of your body.
* You can do calisthenics with a partner also.
* Calisthenics workout can help burn unwanted fat in the body, thus providing you with a lean and fit physique.
* Calisthenics increase the heart beat rate of a person, thus improving the health of his heart and lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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