Learn to play the guitar this summer vacation

Ken Henson communications is offering a summer course this season. Music lovers who’ve always been passionate about learning various instruments can now get to learn piano, guitar, bass, key board from the best in the industry.

Are you the kind of person
who is passionate to play musical instruments? But don't really have the time to do so? Well this summer vacation you can learn your favorite musical instruments from the best in the industry. Ken Henson communications is starting summer course 'Summer Musical Seminar' (SMS) at The New Life College Campus in Bangalore from April 4 to May 6.

This program gives you the quick information and knowledge about musical art.
SMS is a five week program on extreme introductions to musical arts. Summer Musical Seminar is designed to develop strong foundation in musical arts. Musical instruments like Piano, drums, key board, guitar and bass will be taught. Subjects like music history, keyboard skills, aural theory, choir, Applied Music instruction will be covered in five weeks. Students will have four classes daily, followed by rehearsals, lessons and lot of home work to improve your skills.

Ken Henson says “The seminar is an introductory semester to learn more about music and take it forward. It broadens their horizon and helps them develop basic competency as performers and teachers” Students who complete this five week course will get a certificate. Those who are interested in doing further studies in music can also apply to this course. Once you complete your course you can even apply for degree program if you are interested.
Courses starts from 4 April to 6 May. For further details log in
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Ricky Jun 03rd, 2011 07:04 PM

like your school

udaya sankara charan May 24th, 2011 07:13 PM

i would like to know whether this seminar be conducted in hyderabad.?

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