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'Modelling is a safe career option' says Bidapa

India's leading fashion Guru Prasad Bidapa talks about modelling as a career option.

India's leading fashion Guru Prasad BidapaIndia's leading fashion Guru Prasad Bidapa

Prasad Bidapa
has uncountable years of creative experience under his belt. He is a choreographer, stylist, fashion journalist, entrepreneur, and a socialite. Well.. the list seems to be never ending as there is no limit to his resourcefulness and hard work. But it’s his extraordinary commitment towards his profession as a Fashion Guru that puts him in the spotlight, time and again. He is the man behind many distinctive faces like Lara Dutta, Dino Morea, Anushka Sharma, Deepika Padukone. Prasad continues to offer the best launch pad for many young faces to make it big in the modeling world. We talk to the man himself, who give us his take on a career in modelling.

What do you have to say about the modelling industry?
Modelling is a great career option for young adults. It builds confidence and character, it ensures you lead a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and exercise regimen. It polishes your grooming and style quotient. It teaches you social skills and transports you to the highest levels of society.

What is the right age to start modelling?

We see infants, children, teenagers and young adults in commercials, ramp etc. So therefore there is no set age for modeling and one can start anytime they want to, even later in life as the industry requires a large variety of people from all age groups.

What is the main criteria to be a leading model?
You must remember that there are 4 basic channels for models.
1) Runway models need to be tall and thin. Girls work best over 5'9" & boys at 6'2''. You need to be attractive, confident and have great attitude on the ramp.
2) The second is to be a Print model, where height does not matter but you need to be photogenic and be able to freeze the moment for the camera. Also having a proportionate body is an added advantage.
3) The third is to be a model for television commercials where again height does not matter but acting skills and charisma are important.
4) The fourth is for the Film industry. We all know what talents one needs to be a film star. So if you think what it takes to be an actor then try the first three channels to get the big break.
Are good looks an easy ticket to the modeling world?
I think good grooming can certainly take you places but it’s a known fact that good looking people do have an easier time in life.

How safe is modelling as a career option?
Unfortunately a lot of models get tricked into spending a lot of money by unscrupulous agencies who exploit their innocence in business. They promise to train models but have no knowledge of the techniques required and end up ruining careers with bad training and worse advice. That's why we encourage models with raw talent who can be groomed to their potential eventually.

Is modeling a short lived career?
The ideal age for modeling starts at the age of 15 and one can push it till 35 or so. The career usually peaks by the age of 30 but models can get into various streams like anchoring, designing, acting, choreography etc.

Do you think that Indian models are at par with the western models?
Absolutely! But the only reason Indian models choose not to live West is because we prefer a cushy lifestyle here with mummy and dal chaval. But many Indian models have made it it big abroad.

What are the five basic essentials for an upcoming model?
Staying healthy is one of the basic essentials that a model should follow.  One should follow a healthy diet and a perfect workout regime. It is also important to groom yourself perfectly. One should pay extreme attention to hair and skin. Personal hygiene is extremely important and treatments like massages, facials, manicures and pedicures do their bit to enhance your glow and beauty. One also needs to have contacts in the industry and a model should always drink in moderation and stay away from smoking and drugs.

Name a few upcoming models who will be seen on the ramp this year?
Look out for Dayana, Mitali and Adarsh this year. Kamal and Irfan are very photogenic. Nitya is stunning and very elegant. We are hoping to find a lot of great models at the Splash Supermodel Search we do every year. Think you have potential? Mail me at

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