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Pop art and kitschy posters for your home from Chilli Billi

At Chilli Billi you can find eclectic mix of posters and prints for your home space. Chilli Billi boutique in Indiranagar has a wide range of prints, posters, photographs and pop art.

Pop art and kitschy posters for your home from Chilli BilliPop art and kitschy posters for your home from Chilli Billi

Decorate up your home and pep up
the mood of your dull boring walls with some unique posters and paintings. You can choose from a range of prints and posters (movies, music, pop art, personalities, vintage ads and much more) art reproductions, contemporary art and photographs.  You will be spoilt for choice when you look at the eclectic collection from Avant Garage at Chilli.

“It was started with a belief that wall decor need not be expensive, not everyone can afford a Picasso or a Hussain. We believe that things and figures from popular culture equally deserve to be adorned on the walls,” say Ankita from Chilli Billi.  They claim that when it comes to art, they are not snobbish, from World War posters to the most beautiful Marilyn Monroe, name it and you will find it here. After all it’s all for art’s sake!

Ankita and Jai of Chilli BilliAnkita and Jai of Chilli Billi

 “We have had e-mails and calls from as far as Bombay and Hyderabad thanking us for existing and asking us to customise gifts for their wedding anniversaries or simply help do up their media rooms,” says Jai who also addresses these long-distance requests via e-mails and ship the final product. So far the response has been enormous and art lovers are happy that they don't have to import wall art at huge costs.

The clients can select from Clients can select from our catalogues, ask us to get specific prints and posters with or without themes, bring in their own art/photographs to be printed/framed, show us a space in their homes which they want customised and we do that and much more.

Their services include:
* Customised and personalised wall decor solutions - prints and posters, art reproductions, framed art and frames, and large format canvas prints.
* On-request sourcing of images, prints and posters.
* Custom requests such as graphic novel strips illustrated from personal photographs.
* Wall stickers, decals and murals.
* They also design visiting cards, stationery, customized postcards, note cards, bookmarks and much more
* Printing on T-shirts, cushion covers, mugs etc.
* Customizing wedding albums.
Chilli Billi is located in Indiranagar. They can be reached on +91 92417 99105 or e-mail at: chillibilli.bangalore@gmail.com.

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