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Shape it up with Lara Dutta's 'Power Play'

Who can forget the sensational Lara Dutta who flaunted a bikini-bod in the movie Blue. Wish to get that body? If yes then read on…

Shape it up with Lara Dutta's 'Power Play'Shape it up with Lara Dutta's 'Power Play'

Bollywood hotties Shilpa Shetty,
Bipasha Basu and Lara Dutta have done their bit and come a long way to take fitness to the next level. We admire them for their flawless beauty and fantastic body. We often wish to look like them and wonder if we can ever achieve that. But then ‘fitness’ is one thing that doesn’t come to anyone overnight. One needs to have a highly disciplined life and a sheer dedication make it a part of our everyday life.

“Exercise has always been an important element of my life and I think it’s necessary to incorporate a little bit of it every single day of our lives,” said the newlywed Lara Dutta who was in the city to launch her second DVD Power Play. Her first DVD Yoga: Recovery and Rejuvenation, was a classic blend of yoga for mind, body and soul. 

Her best phase:
Lara Dutta feels that she was in her best shape in 2000, when she won the Miss Universe title. “It was also the only time in pageant history that a Miss India won the best body competition in the swimsuit round,” Lara reminisces. She feels the movie Blue “though it was Blue at the box-office” did wonders to her as it helped her comeback to Miss Universe days.  “It’s a pre-requisite to stay fit in the film industry and Power Play is a glimpse of my workout which helped me look the way I did in the film,” says Lara.  

Look out for:
Power Play as the name suggests is packed with lots of powerful action to make every part of body feel the burn. The DVD’s main USP is that it has maximum benefits in minimum amount of time. It is blend of cardio, muscle toning and core strengthening.

The 35 minute workout starts with a squat warm up followed with kicks, further moving on to lunges.  The next segment which has floor exercises is focused on the legs. And the rigorous machine workouts for the arms and chest are performed on the floor with light weights to tone up your muscle. Her next segment focuses on core strengthening and abs which concludes with a complete body stretch.  Lara has also used props like basket ball to add the element of fun in your workout. “Workouts are usually grueling and boring but this one for sure is fun and fast, says Lara.

Add on’s:
Lara along with her fitness trainer Zareen Watson answers a lot of queries (that we usually have) from the public in terms of diet, food and fitness. A lot of myths might just be busted. Watch out.

Quick Q's with Lara and Zareen
What time should one workout?
Anytime that suits you can be ideal for workout whether it is morning or evening. It's important that you workout.
Are fruit juices healthy or vegetable juices?
Fruit juices are loaded with calories. It is always better to have a whole fruit. And vegetable juices are definitely very healthy.
What should one eat when they are pregnant?
People often think that they need to eat for two when are pregnant and never keep a tab on their diet. The baby gets all the sufficient nutrition from what the mother eats. She definitely does not have to eat for two.
Is running a great form of exercise?
Running is definitely a great form of exercised. But it's important where you are running. These days the parks have great tracks for running and one can also run on a nice straight road. It's important to wear a proper running shoe. Never run without them, you might injure yourself.
Priced: Rs. 299/-
Available: At all Reliance Time out stores.

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nice thought , dont you think besides this , something extra is there with them  which is completely god gifted , which makes them quite different with normal human being

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