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Spa Review: Soothe yourself at Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa

The newly opened Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa at Garuda Mall is the ultimate urban escape and a perfect place to calm the day’s stresses away!

Reflexogy room at Kenko SpaReflexogy room at Kenko Spa

Kenko, which means 'healthy' in Japanese
offers a wide variety of wellness treatments and experiences in a romantic yet soothing ambience.  Located in Garuda Mall, Kenko Reflexology & Fish Spa addresses the need of the highly stressed and demanding lifestyles of people today. Dedicated and trained spa therapists offer treatments that have been thoughtfully designed to luxuriously pamper and indulge, heal and nourish, restore and rejuvenate the harmonious balance of energy in you.

After a long day of shopping I decided to surrender myself to its charms. The interiors of the Spa are designed in such a way that the elements exist in their restful tropical overtones with soft mood lighting and soothing music. Shoulder and Back Massage, Ear Candling, Head to Toe massage and Fish Spa are some of the signature treatments offered at the Kenko Spa. As I entered the spa, a Buddha statue with a tranquil expression greeted me and the beautiful setting instantly transported me to a land of bliss.

The benefits of foot reflexology are multitude and it relieves foot crampsThe benefits of foot reflexology are multitude and it relieves foot cramps

Today, fish spa treatments can be found mushrooming in certain parts of Asia such as Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and Malaysia, mostly employing Dr Fish species which are successfully bred in Asia, by using one of the breed of Dr Fish species called Garra Rufa. Garra Rufa can be found in some Eastern Europe countries such as Turkey, Syria, Jordan to name a few.

An aquarium-like apparatus occupies much of the room and the water is continuously recycled, it is UV sterilized and also passes through carbon, mechanical, ozone and biological filters. I was very hesitant at first to try the fish spa treatment. The thought of letting hundreds of fish eat my skin made me very nervous.  I did squeal embarrassingly loudly but later got used to it. It was rather relaxing and all the sucking and nibbling doesn't hurt one bit, it just leaves your feet looking baby soft.

After 30 minutes of the relaxing fish spa treatment, I was whisked away to a dream-like room for a session of foot reflexology.  Reflexology can open the path to many health benefits by providing a healing, relaxing message and promoting a sense of well being. The therapy has been practiced for centuries by various cultures. As I settled down in my comfortable reclining couch, the foot reflexologist applied pressure to specific areas and zones of the feet to stimulate the flow of energy throughout the body. The message doesn’t require the use of any lotion or oils and is done with bare hands.

The benefits are multitude and it relieves foot cramps, pains and foot problems. Apart from it also helps in improving the blood and lymph circulation in the body, is relaxing, and is conducive to a feeling of rejuvenation and health.  Foot reflexology nowadays has become a sought after form of therapy because it is non-invasive, natural, provides a number of benefits, and is deeply relaxing. By the end of the treatment, I was gliding on clouds, and left the spa in a total state of blissfulness.
A 30 minute session of Fish spa and reflexology will cost you about Rs. 1000

The Kenko Spa

Garuda Mall
Magrath Road, Bangalore -560001 Map

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