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Ten simple ways to stay active with Wanitha Ashok

Do you want to get fit and stay active without really hitting the gym? Here are some simple steps recommended by Body Transformation Expert, Wanitha Ashok.

Get fit and fabulous with ten simple stepsGet fit and fabulous with ten simple steps

We all know that there are no shortcuts
to fitness. Workouts as much as we hate them need to be incorporated in our day to day lives to help us stay fit and fabulous. But then there are days when our mind just doesn’t allow us to push. What do we do then?  Well the basics are quite simple all it needs is a little discipline. So c’mon let’s pledge to be active all time through (even while we are working) by following these simple steps recommended by Body Transformation Expert, Wanitha Ashok.

1)   As you read this article, do the vacuum pose by sucking your belly button as far as you can and hold for ten counts and let go and keep repeating it to get stronger and toned abs.

2)   Strengthen your neck and help alleviate stress-related headaches by placing the palm of your dominant hand on your right forehead and press your head against it for five seconds.  Repeat the same on the left side too. Next drop your chin and place your palms on the back of your head and lift up against your hands.

3) Pace back and forth while you are on the phone or discussing projects.  It helps you burn around 60 calories in an hour.

4) Walk up or down the escalator as if it were a regular staircase and burn seven and a half times more calories than you would be by just standing still in an elevator.

5) Invest in stability ball (commonly known as Swiss ball) and sit on it whenever you can and do your crunches for a stronger and toned ab.

6) To notice a difference in your rear view do five squats and five lunges on each leg, first thing in the morning and last thing before bedtime.  This will help you have tone your legs and butt.

7) When you are stuck talking on the phone stand in pile position with your feet in a ‘V’ heels together and toes apart and lower hips until your knees are just past your toes. Focus on squeezing your inner thighs together as you rise up again. Do 20 repetitions and if still on the phone then stay in the bent-knee position and lift and lower your heels eight to 15 times to target your calves. Still on with the conversation do another two sets. Soon your toned legs will be the talk of the town.

8) Work on your calf muscles as you climb the stairs. Stand at the edge of the stair case and lift your heels as far as you can and bend down to finish the position.  Do five calf raises every three steps you take for those perfect calves.

9) Zigzag your trail as you walk or move around in the house to work your legs, back and core. Burn calories while you jump from side to side. Remember to land on your entire foot to avoid an injury.

10) Instead of walking leisurely up a flight of stairs, slowly increase your speed and the number of stairs you take in one minute. Take two steps at once to target your gluteus.

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