Tête à Tête with Tusshar kapoor

In an exclusive interview with MyBangalore.com actor Tusshar Kapoor talks about his forthcoming films, his legendary father and his dream girl.

One glimpse at Tusshar Kapoor and you will be like, ‘Oh! Man he looks good,’ Yes that’s exactly the expression I had when I casted my eyes on the actor himself. The actor definitely looks charming off screen, “Yes even I realized that. In my initial films I had a tough time with my make up man and I would end up looking dark on screen but in my recent releases I have noticed a significant change in my look,” says Tusshar who was in the city to promote his forthcoming flick Shor In The city, where he plays a honest bootlegger.  

“We often find Mumbai ahead of many cities but then honestly I feel Bangalore is much more ahead of Mumbai. This city has a very young vibe to it; I love the cosmopolitan culture and the party scene here. Bangalore has always been lucky for me,” says Tusshar who came visiting our city for the third time. Earlier he was seen in the city for the promotion of his films like Kyaa Kool Hain Hum and Company which did well at the box-office.

Chocolate boy Tusshar Kapoor has definitely tried his hands in various genre of acting in Hindi cinema. But sadly he has more flops than hits on his career graph. But flops do not seem to bother the actor even a tad bit. “You know when a bad film does badly it just doesn’t bother me at all. By five in the evening I am over it but then if a good film does bad at the box-office that’s when it really starts troubling me. Life Partner was a great film but then it was under promoted and was released at a time when the theaters were shut for four days due to Swine Flu,” rues Tusshar who has four releases this year and is quite hopeful that every film does well.

And it leaves us wondering why he chooses bad films in the very first place and just then Tusshar prompts, “Most of the time it so happens that the script that is narrated to us is different from what the final outcome is. And initially I thought it’s nice to have many films in my kitty but now I have become extremely choosy and I guess it’s helping me a lot,” he says who is still basking in the success of Golmaal 3.

Tusshar Kapoor comes from a very renowned filmy background. But then there is hardly a moment he recalls that his famous father Jeetendra Kapoor would sit and carp about the kind of roles Tusshar portrays on screen. He admires his father and misses spending time with him. “I see my father every day but I am not very close to him. He was often travelling and busy shooting when I was a child so I really haven’t spent much time with him. It was only during my teens that I got to know him but then I went abroad for my studies. We do talk but I am closer to mom than my father,” he says, adding, “Dad comes across as an extremely lenient person. He has never stopped Ekta and me for anything and the best part is he never criticizes,” says Tusshar who also admires his sister Ekta Kapoor for her huge success.

Apart from acting the junior Kapoor devotes time everyday on his workout regimen. He says that workout is his first and foremost hobby and everything else comes later, even movies for that matter. “Dad always motivated me to stay fit. Now I am extremely strict with my workout and I spend two days doing cardio and the rest of the days I concentrate on building muscles,” he says who loves binging on junk food, something that he enjoyed doing the previous night with his friends.

So is the man still single or taken, an answer we all would want to know considering his age, “Well I can’t be open about it at this point of time but then I am going out for dates with a lot of girls and hope I find my dream girl.” So is he on a date trip with some of his co-stars, “Oh! C’mon do your research,” he smiles adding, “Now I am extremely choosy just like my films.” Well!!
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