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Venture Tuesday: Go green with My Sunny Balcony!

Like most things Bangalorean, MySunnyBalcony started around a coffee table when four Bangaloreans, misty eyed about the past glories of our garden city, realized that they can, in fact, bring back some of its old charms.

Go green with My Sunny Balcony!Go green with My Sunny Balcony!

As the green cover in the city dwindles
and with almost no space left for home gardens, four friends Reena Chengappa , Athreya Chidambi, Shailesh Deshpande and Sriram Aravamudan decided to take gardens up the elevator to your balconies and terraces. They often discussed the city’s eroding green cover and soon became garden enthusiasts. They started ‘MySunnyBalcony’ by calling it quits to their high profile careers and took a pledge that they would help nature lovers have a green space within their vicinity. 

They transport you to your own haven of freshness within your home space within a couple of hours. “We go to the client’s house and check out the area and also get a vision of their choices, preferences and accordingly design the space,” says Shriram Aravamudan. They do everything from concept gardens, designer balconies, window ledges and terrific terraces. They have already done 120 balconies, around 150 ground gardens and 20-30 terrace gardens in less than two years.

Be it a Zen inspired courtyard with a little fountain or a little pot in your balcony with your favourite button roses, just tell them what you want and they will make it for you. “Any space that receives even a little bit of sunlight is a potential MySunnyBalcony space: A tiny unusable patch outside your front door, an ugly terrace on your roof, or even a back balcony in your high rise apartment. It doesn’t matter how high up or small your space is, we’ll work with it. We’ll also tell you what you can do and what you can’t. You’ll be surprised at the immense number of green possibilities that even a tiny amount of space can hold,” says Shailesh Deshpande

The My Sunny Balcony teamThe My Sunny Balcony team

They have a variety of themes and tremendous idea that will make you fall in love the green space. They also do a window ledge for houses that don’t have the luxury of having a balcony space for a garden. “Window ledges are indoor gardens and very few species can survive without sunshine thus we choose plants which can survive such conditions to create a little green nook,” says Reena Chengappa.

They have worked on various themes across the city like Porch makeovers, Kitchen garden using the 'square foot gardening' method, Zen-inspired balcony and courtyard, Rain forest theme, English-styled garden,  terrace makeovers,  Spanish-themed courtyard, rain forest balcony, terrace gardens with geranium box planters against a bamboo pergola or the good old Bangalore garden with running water feature and lily pond.  “I am inspired by the Zen culture and always wanted something around that in my balcony and within two days I saw all that I had only imagined,” says Sukanya, a MSB client. 

They take around one day to complete a balcony, two or three days to complete a terrace and around 4-5 days to complete a ground garden. The price varies according to theme and space but approximately a balcony will cost around 11,000-12,000. A terrace garden will cost around: 15,000 to 40,000. A ground garden will cost around 15,000 to 35,000. They also have collection of MSB-designed products like terra-cota pots, urns, accessories made out of bamboo, recycled wood, wrought iron and ready-made water features.
They can be contacted at www.mysunnybalcony.com and you can also check their page on Facebook. For details contact: 9980851180

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Sanjay Mar 09th, 2011 02:34 PM

A very passionate and efficient team .. MSB Rocks !

rasham Mar 08th, 2011 10:42 PM

green with envy.....nooooo, green with lovable plants and pots all the way. a great job.fqx

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