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Yoga and its five principles to maintain good health

Here are the five principles of yoga to keep in mind while practicing it. Implementing them into your daily schedule will help you lead a healthy and happy life.

Yoga has been practiced for thousands
of years in India and off late it’s become a fashionable form of exercise, a new trend in the fitness world. Yoga is based on a simple concept to attain a healthy mind and a healthy body. It is also important to maintain correct breathing, relaxation, meditation and a healthy diet while practicing yoga. Barbara, a certified yoga trainer and also a teacher in physical education has been learning, practicing and teaching many styles of yoga for around 10 years. She explains the five principles that make yoga as a whole and without them yoga will be only a mere physical exercise, like any other.

1. The first principle of yoga is - Proper Exercise
The correct form of exercise in yoga is achieved through different form of hatha yoga poses and stretches. These exercises tone the muscles, enhance the flexibility of the spine and regulate the blood flow. Yoga poses are co-ordinated with the breathing. Each movement is tuned with a correct breathing allowing to feel the union between the physical body and the mind.

2. The second principle of yoga is - Proper Breathing

Proper breathing is deep, slow and regular. When the breathing is correct it utilizes all part of the lungs to increase the oxygen intake. Regulating the inhalation and exhalation brings deep relaxation to the body and mind.

3. The third principle of yoga is - Relaxation
Relaxation is done at the beginning, in between and in the end of the hatha yoga session. Proper relaxation will help to release muscular tension and put the mind and body in a tranquil state. Deep relaxation revitalizes the nervous system and makes each day of our life complete and peaceful.

4. The fourth principle of yoga is - Meditation and Positive Thinking
To meditate is to still the mind. It is a very difficult thing to achieve as our mind is in constant movement and never still. But through regular meditation we can relax and refresh the mind. It will help us in concentration and having more clarity in our lives.

5. The fifth principle of yoga is - Healthy Diet
The food we eat greatly affects the way we think. For example chilli food can bring unrest at mind level. Our diet should be light with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and eaten in moderation. The good thing to remember is to eat only when you are hungry. The last evening meal should be very light and taken three hours before going to bed, allowing for good digestion and sound sleep.

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