SSLC examinees are happy with the revised format

SSLC examinees, who appeared in the revised format for the first time in the state today, say that the extra minutes are very helpful.

Last minute revisions before heading to the exam halls for SSLC studentsLast minute revisions before heading to the exam halls for SSLC students

Students appearing for the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examinations, starting today till April 9 in a revised format, had to go through a bit of apprehension ever since the state department of primary and secondary education announced of the new format. The changed pattern of the exams, now have questions for descriptive answers for 75 marks and the rest – the 25 marks – are the multiple choice.  

Having appeared in the first examination today, students can now take a breather, as they feel the new format really works well. The extra 15 minutes allotted after the students were handed the question papers, seem to have come handy, for many could utilize the time to skim through the questions even before they started writing. “I was worried when we got to hear about the revised format for the first time this year. Having seen all our seniors appeared in a different format, I was quite apprehensive thinking that we would be the first batch to appear the exam in the revised format, but I guess, I was wrong. 

Examinees are please with the new SSLC Question Paper formatExaminees are please with the new SSLC Question Paper format

I think this is much better, for it gives the liberty to write elaborate answers,” said Natasha Saran, a student of Goodwill Girls High School. “The extra minutes’ that we get before we start writing our papers are also very helpful. It gives much time to think about the respective answers and to plan out time accordingly.” Kavitha, her friend, echoed the same thoughts. “I think this works out well, for students don’t have to randomly tick the options. Also, this has increased the scope of getting better marks, for we can at least try writing something, and there is a possibility that we would get good marks,” said Kavitha. 

The examination, which is held between April 1 and April 9, will have over eight lakh students appearing from the state. Having appeared in the first day of the examination, many are reeling off the pressure slowly, and are hopeful that to do well all through out the exams. “Today, we had English, and it is one of the subjects that everyone will do well,” laughs Riyan, a student of Nehru English Higher Secondary School. He adds: “But I think, it’s always better to start off with a paper that is easy, for it makes one more optimistic. I am hopeful that I will do well in the remaining of the exams.” Asked on what we thought about the revised format, Riyan answers, “I am happy. It’s tough to do well in a multiple choice format, for you will have to be in and out with the book, all through out the book. There may be a question from any corner of the book, which makes it difficult; but, it’s not the same with this format”. “I may have a bit of idea, and I can surely elaborate on the answers, for which I will be marked.” And how do the teachers think? “It is good for the students. The present format demands a student to have a thorough knowledge about the subject matter,” said Sitalakshmi, a teacher from Goodwill School. She added, “It will certainly increase the quality of the students.”  
Unveiling the new SSLC examination policy last month, Primary and Secondary Education Minister Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri said that it would go a long way in bringing relief to thousands of SSLC examinees when they appear for the exams. To help the students with the new format, the Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board (KSEEB) had even uploaded sets of practice question papers online. 
Click the link for the question papers,
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