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Add a splash of colour with Vero Moda

Shop till you drop as Europe's largest clothing brands for young woman - Vero Moda is now available in Bangalore.

The Vero Moda storeThe Vero Moda store

Call it a hobby or a passion but then
I have a fetish for the shiny fashion magazines. Every month I stack my table with the fabulous magazines which gives me my monthly dose of everything fun and fashion. Looking at the fancy clothes, for months now I’ve wondered when Vero Moda would make its way to Bangalore. And my prayers were answered; the European brand is finally here giving fashionistas a reason to splurge in chic and trendy dressing.

Vero Moda is contemporary international fashion with widespread appeal to young women all over the world. Collections focus on four design lines - Vero Moda, Vero Moda Jeans, Vero Moda Very and Vero Moda Basic - each represent and interpret the essence of current fashion trends and needs, enabling customers to dress fashionably and practically in any situation.  I was extremely thrilled to browse through the store to pick up some fancy stuff for my summer wardrobe when Anita, the store manager pitches in to help me. “This summer, you will see a lot of chic and stylish dresses, skirts, tees, jumpsuits, denim, shorts, blouses and much more. The latest collection is young, romantic, and distinctly feminine with silhouettes designed to flatter the body and celebrate the summer vibe.”

Add little spunk to your own personal styleAdd little spunk to your own personal style

Vero Moda has two flagship stores in Bangalore and the collection is exquisite. I personally loved the printed leggings which would look stylish if teamed up with a monochrome top. I also saw a range of shirts in floral and plain which is ideal to beat the summer heat in fashion. They also have a wide range of formal wear. “The Very line is perfect for the groomed, style-assured fashionista. The style is confident and independent, reflecting a high level of ambition and passion for fashion. The pieces are characterized by quality, innovative cuts and details and the Very look is always sophisticated,” says the designer from Vero Moda.
The Vero Moda line revolves around individual expression and comfort, and a multifaceted and fun-loving personality is brought to life with relaxed, high-quality day-wear which has a touch of feminine elegance. All in all it’s a perfect stop for all things summery and colourful. And Oh! It bought out the shopaholic in me yet again! Just go and splurge!
The clothes and accessories are priced above Rs. 500. To know more log onto

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Roopashree B N Apr 15th, 2011 03:31 PM

Where is this located in Bangalore?

Vasant Nayak Apr 15th, 2011 07:52 AM

I had visited the store. Its a great experience

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