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Bobby da dhaba wah bhai wah!

Bobby's Dhaba is a small eatery in Ulsoor serves the best Punjabi fare you can ever find in the city at affordable prices

Relish authentic Punjabi khana at Bobby's Dhaba Photos: Bhaktar BabuRelish authentic Punjabi khana at Bobby's Dhaba Photos: Bhaktar Babu

Bobby's Dhaba is one place that
never fails to disappoint when it comes to authentic Punjabi khana. The dhaba is located in a small gully next to the Gurudwara, in Ulsoor. This eatery was started almost 26 years ago by Mrs Ravinder Kaur. “We were asked by the people in Gurudwara to start up a small restaurant and we couldn’t think of anything else but Punjabi,” says Kaur who believes that it’s the taste of the food that makes people come time and again to this place.  On first visit you would twitch your nose and rubbish it as just another dhaba. But that’s where Bobby's Dhaba scores its brownie points.

If not for the ambiance, it the luscious, desi ghee laced parathas that will draw you to this dingy old place which will soon be shifted to another venue.  Just one step inside Bobby’s and you will be engulfed in smoke. The murky place will definitely give you the whole ‘dhaba’ feel and the smell of the food is bound to tempt your taste buds and will make you crave to binge. Yes! Just forget the diet plan when you go to this place. Because it’s a rare treat and yes you will savour every single bite of it. To find a place like this in a city like which boasts of upscale restaurants at every nook and corner is truly a blessing.

Food lover’s throng this place and often don’t mind waiting for long. And while you are waiting to grab a place the waiter comes with a slip of paper and requests you to write down your order which will be ready by the time you seat yourself. There menu comprises of a variety of scrumptious bread basket like alu paratha, gobi paratha, meethi paratha, paneer paratha and mooli paratha which perfectly complements the curries like dal makhani, shahi paneer, jeera alu along with a tall glass of chaas. But our pick would the ghee-soaked onion paratha with steaming hot dal makhni.  And you cannot miss the kheer which makes for a perfect dessert which is their ‘specialty’. This might sound like too much of calories considering that every bite is rich and comes with typical Indian flavours.

But however all you Bobby's Dhaba fans have a reason to rejoice  and no you need to no longer wait in the hot sun to get a seat. As the eatery will soon be shifted to a new venue in the vicinity with better facilities. So if you want to get the real feel of Bobby’s Dhaba and 'ghar ka Khana' just head there before they shift. Otherwise you will surely miss eating at one of the best dhabas in our city.

Bobby's Dhaba

Next To Gurudwara, Kingston Road
Ulsoor, Bangalore Map


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