Crash Course in Montessori Training

A crash course on Montessori will help you hone your skills and also open doors to Montessori teaching

In order to keep up with the demand for Montessori teachers,
Vidyanjali Montessori Training Institute (VMTI) has introduced a unique crash course in Montessori training for aspiring Montessori teachers. The Academy is affiliated with the Indian Institute for Montessori Studies (IIMS) and it focuses on providing quality training with great infrastructural amenities which goes hand in hand with the learning experience for both the children as well as teachers.

"The certified training programme aims at empowering teachers with the Montessori method of education which will help them contribute to a better tomorrow.  The course is open to one and all with basic qualifications which gives a ‘hands on’ experience of teaching and also promises a job opportunity to promising candidates at the workshop," says Rekha Reddy, director of VMTI.

This short and crisp workshop will give the applicants a complete understanding on the subject of Montessori education as a whole. "We will discussing relevant topics and also teach various methods of Montessori education," says Reddy. The course has been designed keeping view the requirements of non-Montessori schools and provides the understanding of the principles, theory and methods of such teaching for the children between 2.5 to 6 years. The duration of the course is two weeks with full day sessions from Monday to Saturday. The cost of the course would be Rs 10,000. The applicants will receive a certificate on completion of the course from The Vidyanjali Montessori Training Institute (VMTI).
The two week crash course will be conducted between April 25h – May 7th 2011

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